Hey guys about to buy a new helmet. Any suggestions? ?

Adura ascent i think is what i have and its really comfy and super lightweight compared to the old foam dome i was running before. about $80 but well worth it.

go to a bike shop and try some on?

Buy whatever fits. Different helmets suit different head profiles, some better than others. There is no perfect helmet for everyone. Go to your LBS and try a couple out.

The difference between a cheap helmet and an expensive helmet is weight, air holes and appearance. Both will do the same job at protecting your head, so take this into account.

If its too $$, you could buy online but you probably wont get an Aus approved sticker, if you’re not racing then this isn’t a concern… unless you’re from brisvegas.

I got a $80 specialized helmet for $30 from goldcross cycles because it was the last 1 in the shop. It’s quite comfy and well ventilated but the strap setup is very annoying and hard to adjust. Great helmet for $30 but would be very unhappy if I had paid $80 for it.

Wiggle Wiggle, Wiggle Wiggle

Met Inferno
$280 - LBS
$130 - delivered from Wiggle :slight_smile:

I got a Met Terra and it does the job. Nice and light.

I’ve got a met Stradivarius, nice fit, but the best feeling helmet I’ve tried on was the Specialized 2d personal preference tho.

imo go to your lbs and try a few on then try and find it cheaper online.

Limar 907s cheap on torpedo 7 this week - good deal if they suit your noggin

don’t buy one online without trying it on first, or you might end up with an expensive turd hat.

Aside from that catlike’s are good.

be careful buying helmets from overseas, they may not carry an australian standard sticker, even if they are an identical product. no sticker means you can cop a fine for it, or not be allowed to ride in races with it (triathlons seem really tough on this point for some reason, always checking stickers at transition checkins).

will in most cases still provide you with plenty of protection, and if its a choice between an import or no helmet, then it’s a no brain decision, wear the helmet, but be prepared for possible problems from police etc

Other than racing, who has ever had their helmet checked by a cop?? I had a motorcylce helmet checked once coz my passenger was wearing a skate helmet which is obviously wrong.


I tried it on in a store here, then bought online from Wiggle. I cannot see the difference between the two.

Apart from the fact that it’s a prick thing to do to a bike shop.
It’s like trying a pair of Sidi’s on in your LBS, then buying them online.
I know our LBS can be shit, but we need a level of respect here.

And just because you can’t see any difference in the helmet, doesn’t mean there isn’t any. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago explaining how manufacturers will construct the same model of helmet differently to comply with different countries standards.
I can imagine Wiggle might stop selling helmets overseas because ultimately they could be liable.

Grab a BERN helmet. They fiiine!

Well it wasn’t my LBS, it was some random shop that thought they were too busy in an empty shop on a Wednesday lunch time to help me try on helmets.

I support my proper LBS as much as I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no angel when it comes to buying shit off Wiggle rather than my LBS. I just think we all need show some respect that’s all.

There are a lot of mega shit bike shops here in Melbourne too! :evil:

If you change the destination on Wiggle to UK delivery only more helmets, like Catlike for instance, become available.

This guy was way ahead of you. But Im quite sure that this thread was about helmets.

For what its worth I bought a Giro “Atmos” of Wiggle for less than half the price that it would be in my LBS. At that price, its a no brainer. LBS gets all my business for maintenance and other regular purchases.

Has anyone had any success in taking the Australian standard sticker off a cheap helmet to put on their imported helmet to race in it?

same moron has been spambotting every cycling forum with this motorcycle bluetooth sh!t…

I’ll add a vote for Giro helmets. Damn nice. Even better when you can find them on sale cause they aint cheap.