Went looking for a new road helmet today, not sure which way to go
Giro or Limar??

Any thoughts / suggestions greatly appreatiated??


get the best one that you can afford that fits best and makes you feel like a winner.

(i wear a giro atmos)

I’ve just come over to the giros… Very nice helmets, most people I know who use em won’t buy any thing else.
I have a pair of prolites (black and white)I got from competitive cyclest On a sale, I love em really! Super comfortable and they look great

$20 difference between the 2 and much of a muchness in comfort. . Just gonna have to pick one!

Thank you

I was looking for the Prolite initially. . . Think Giro is the way :slight_smile:

Still on sale $79 on competitive cyclist

I had a Limar before… The giro’s are much nicer.

The self adjusting strap is a great feature. It’s such a good idea it’s a wonder it’s not used on more helmets

$79 is a good price I payed 99 for mine.

That’s why I got two… They have heaps of clothing on sale too if you order from there make the most of the shipping…
I got helmets for a couple of friends too…

The ionos is a wicked helmet too the black carbon helmet is totally ace looking in the flesh

I got a giro ionos online for cheap a couple off months back and swear by it.

also on sale :slight_smile: $199!!

ahh think its only the small available

Do it.
You only get one head.
They retail for $399 in aus but I heard they droped it to $299 to compete with online.

ya I’m gonna!

just measured my head! ahahahaha fits into the small category, cause i was trying mediums on in the store. . .

done and done!!!

$119 the black carbon looks heaps better than in the pictures on the website!

Thats what I’ve gone for, figure its the safest bet anyway!

That’s what I got.
Good buying.

I got a pair of those for my mate and his work mate… They love em!

Good choice

Think I’ve spent too much moola now! :wink: need to check out

Thanks for all your help n assistance

get one that doesn’t “mushroom” out the sides, i only just made the hipster plunge and got a catlike compact the other day, works for me but like all helmets may not work for you.

The met strat… or whatever it’s called was a fine helmet also very comfy and looked good

I had a consultation with Steve Hogg yesterday, and he gave a demonstration of how Giro and Bell helmets upset the magnetic polarisation of your body, and will lift one of your hips up 5-10mm slightly.
To be honest, when he said such a thing, I thought it was bullshit and he was a crazy fricking kook. But, he demonstrated by getting someone to stand in front of us facing away, and when he bought the helmet near them, you could see their back slightly tilt.
He waved some high powered magnet around it to change the polarisation of the helmet, and this ‘cured’ it. It’s because there is such a high zinc concentration in them. Other things affected were black oakleys, and oakleys with the shiny tinted lenses. This will no doubt be the craziest thing you’ve heard this year, but he demonstrated on me and I felt/saw it too.

Specialized shoe shims are even worse, because they can’t be ‘cured’ and the amount of heavy metals in them will cause you more harm long term than not using a shim at all, even if you need them.
Also on the list are Livestrong bands (if you wear one, you deserve it) and numerous other things. Incredible. The crowd he was giving the demonstration to were all in disbelief, but one by one he tested us and it was true. He said he was second-guessing himself for months before he told anyone, because it’s that ridiculous that something so small can cause someone pain. People like us aren’t going to notice, but if might save you from a small niggling back injury.

In the last two years I’ve had a Lazer 02, Lazer Genesis Rd Edition, and now a Lazer Helium. Lazer helmets rock the socks right off my feet.