Help me decide between frames

I’ve been researching steel framesets and after a number of months, and limitations on what is available in Australia as well as budget, I’ve got it down to 2 frames…the All City Super Professional and the Ritchey Swiss Cross.

The geo’s are slightly different, and the All city is steel frame and fork, where as Ritchey has carbon fork…i also feel like Ritchey has been steel (lighter = better?)

I’ve never owned anything from either brand, so wanted to see if anyone has any experience and can help me decide.

For clarification - both are bought online, although on a recent trip to Melbourne, I did see the All City black sparkle frame in real life and its lush!

Tough call. I haven’t ridden either, but the All-City looks a bit more la-di-da where the Ritchey is all business.

I’m not a big fan of carbon forks on steel frames, so I’d probably go the All-City. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here though.

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i feel the same about all-city being la di da!

whats the issue with carbon fork on steel frame? never had it so interested in your thoughts.

Can’t really comment on the specifics but, to disagree with Pinzo, I would defo take the carbon fork. But I guess it depends to some extent on use. The weight of a steel fork and steerer shouldn’t be discounted imo.

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I find it funny that you think the all city is la-di-da. They’re just another QBP brand with a bit more styling. Ritchey seems fancier to me! I had a all city big block a long time ago, it was a fine bike. Do you want the lugs and classic steel styling?

Edit: just remembered I still own an all city fgfs bike as well. They always have great colours on their frames

Edit v2: If we’re voting, I’d go the Ritchey though

My gut reaction would be to go for the Ritchey. All-City still brings to mind the cracking dropouts on their sw8 fixie frames, which I know is a long time ago, but hey I can’t control my gut reactions.
I really like the Ritcheys too, a couple of forum members have them and they always look good.

I think you’ve all affirmed my thoughts…the all city with the sparkle finish appeals to the fixie kid inside, but ritchey is just a more serious bike.

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Absolutely nothing, just my retrogrouch sensibilities.

The all city colourised:



fair enough…I have old man grumpy sensibilities too with certain things

You’ll be riding the Ritchey in 10 years. Maybe not the All City.