Help me ward off a cold

I can feel it coming. A couple of sneezes in the morning, and then the nose starts to run. And you start to feel that tickle at the back of your throat. And my family are starting to get sick.

I’ve got a cold coming my way. But I’m meant to be racing on Sunday, and it’s going to hard enough as it is without being sick too.

Who wants to share their magic remedy for warding off a cold?

Could be hayfever.

But I just smash myself with Echinacea + Garlic. Vicks on your chest + feet at night.
Wash your hands as much as you can to stop the germs spreading.

Ride it out. Get on the bike and smash out 50 km’s really hard, then go drink 4 or 5 pints and eat an oversized steak. Won’t get rid of it, but might put it off till Monday…

Buy a bag of oranges. Eat them, all, in one sitting. This remedy flies in the face of all scientfic evidence, but it works for me.

If it was hay fever, you would have had it by now. It’s a shocker of a season this year. I’ve been sick as a dog with it since August.

Try olive leaf extract or failing that, buy a large bottle of whiskey and ride it out.

i’m assured there is some evidence for megadosing with vitamin C.

but i’d also hit the zinc pretty hard, as well as some probiotics. then garlic, raw, cut up into the biggest size you can handle and swallowed whole.

This used to work for jacques anquetil.

This used to work for Jacques Anquetil.

The wife tells me we’ve got some heavy duty Vitamin C stuff and some echinacea liquid at home. That and raw garlic - yum!

i’m normally rat-shit with hayfever, yet so far this season i’ve only been hit with it three days. twice a couple of weeks back and today.

must be all the smoke/pollution in the city air killing my allergens, +1 for moving from country to city.

All the studies I’ve read about Vit C including a mega analysis of about 11,000 peeps ( I know mega analysis aren’t alwats reliable but in conjunction with other negative studies…) points towards an vit c only been helpful if under EXTREME pressure, ie starving and running a marathon.

If you’re already feeling the symptoms your it’s already gotten past a few of your bodies defences already, best advice is to chow down whatever placebo you can and rest up, eat well and get some crappy action movies

But loads of water too

Eat your way through it.

Also, hot toddies FTW! Hot toddy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ignore the bullshit from the American Lung Association in that wiki article…

I’m with xbbx - zinc is the go

these: Echinacea, Garlic, Zinc & C | Cenovis contain pretty much everything mentioned above and taste a lot better than raw garlic. but really all you can do is relieve the symptoms.

Just tell your body it isn’t on to get a cold. During the three day tour i was getting one and i just sternly, through will power alone, forbade my body to succumb. Two days later, within an hour of getting home from the tour, i came down with full flu.

water and don’t skimp out on sleep. try 8-9 hours to let the body rest.

So it worked?!

i mean, i still came last. But i wasn’t actually with the flu during the race, i was just run down and tired.

lempsip max, plenty of sleep, water, and sauna! (or ride…)