Help Mr Dylzorg with a duallie

Hey everyone, I’m sitting on my girlfriends bed, drinking a highlander, cuddling a sick cat who smells funny, and looking at bikes on a 4yo laptop.
These bike’s I’m looking at are bike’s I’ll blame Slinky and Christian for getting e into, and that’s 26" alloy dual suspension XC bikes.
I’d like to get one, mid year when the new models are coming in, and the spare old models are being cleared out.
Now, 2 brands spring to mind instantly. Avanti and Giant.
Slinky took me to a test day, where I got to ride a Giant anthem, and I loved it, but then I proceeded to buy an KISS 29 - Single Speed Mountain Bike - Avanti Bikes, which I ride all the time, and I’ve upgraded the forks and soon (1-2 weeks away) getting some GEARS.
So, I’m trying to make the decision between these two beasts.

Vapour 2 - XC Race Dual Suspension / Full Suspension Mountain Bike - Avanti Bikes
Anthem X1 (2011) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | Australia

Very similar yeah?
Avanti plus has the vapour for $300 less than the anthem, but if I’m nice to Dale at Casey Cycles - Wall | Facebook who stocks Giants, I could probably get them at the same price, and on finance, which is admittedly the only way I could get a bike like this.

Alternatively, there’s this cheaper alternative, the always good value Giant providing this option:Anthem X3 (2011) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | Australia which I could actually save the cash for, so I could mayyyyyybe get it a little cheaper than the retail. I mean, I got my K.I.S.S for 33% less than the retail by paying cash and having the money to the shop withing 4 hours of the box arriving.

I dunno, both awesome bikes, both probably too good for me, but I’d like them a lot.

I’d like one of these but it’ll never happen :stuck_out_tongue:
Brooklyn Machine Works | Bikes

that race link one would be a nice bike to add to my collection =]

This looks nice
Phaser 3

and yeah Cam, I have noooo idea how that thing works.

This looks good, dunno about the retail, I’ll have a googz

$2599 retails

Value for money, you can’t go past the Giant. I know about 11ty billion people with Anthems/Trances/Reigns and really haven’t heard a bad thing about them (except reign x linkage snapping, which doesn’t apply to you, and has since been fixed). What about the Anthem 29er? For general faffing about, i’d go the Trance over the Anthem (in 26"), the Anthem is more of a race-style bike imo.

We need a proper chat before you pull the trigger on anything, don’t dismiss the kiss especially in the middle of winter when the mud and muck make a dually a expensive ride. Hard tails also make you a better rider when your learning to ride, I only ride a dually because my back is fucked.

That’s what I want it for though, XC racing.
I have a hardtail 29er, and the only issue with it I have (apart from ss business) is that it handles a little like a boat through the twisty stuff.
Anthem wouldn’t though…

I won’t go buying anything any time soon, I love the kiss and ride it more than any other bike I own. It’s just, me thinking about all that speed I could have if I could get more power down and take tighter corners, and climb like a demon!

You say you want to race XC? What sort of racing are you talking about… endurance stuff or the short and sharp racing?

I recently went down this path with a friend, off the cuff I thought of Giant as they are known for a bang for buck sort of brand. Turns out they were cheap, but not necessarily the best buy. If you aren’t wedded to any brands, have a really good look around at what the other brands are doing. I ended up getting a Merida that day as they offered a significantly higher spec over the Giant for only a fraction more. Trek are putting out some really nice stuff at the moment, always look at Specialized and Scotts. They are pretty much the main players out there and are always priced competitively. Have a look at Felts as well.

But in all honestly without knowing your riding style at all and going off this sentence “thinking about all that speed I could have if I could get more power down and take tighter corners, and climb like a demon”… you are after a hardtail, not a dual susp.

I’m in lesbian with the GT Zaskar.

yeah it looks crazy the chain goes from the rear cogs on the right side, then to the chain ring in on the left seems like a lot more moving parts to worry about , does look tough though haha.

My 2c, I own a On-one Inbred SS 29er and a Giant Trance1.
I barely ride the Trance and I live 2 streets away from a State forest.

EzyLee, you make some valid points, a hardtail would be madshiz, I think a fair few of my issues with the kiss is the fact that it’s a SS 29er trying to do stuff that my mate does on his Merida with huge suspension and dyna sys 10spd, and my mate ash from Geelong says would be perfect for his trance.
Maybe I’m just riding all mountain stuff and not doing xc shit? It’s just that the local trails at lysterfield have been closed so I’ve been riding different styles of shit.

But yeah I’d love to try 4-8 hour races and stuff, I imagin it’d be awesome.

dylan you would love the trails back where i grew up, so many different trails and combos to do .

haha id show a video but its a low quality first attempt of film editing back when i was in tafe :stuck_out_tongue:

You just need to hardened up stitch boy ride it like you stole it. Then later we will build you up a double shocker.

These are my bikes:

And a couple of videos of how I ride them:

Stumpjumper: YouTube - Stromlo GoPro - Skyline to Luge then Joeys Return
BigHit: YouTube - Tuggeranong Pines - Downhill Mountain Bike
Hardtail Singlespeed: YouTube - Scott 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

I love my duallie, a stumpjumper expert. It is the business… but I also love my hardtail. Both obviously give a different ride. The stumpy gives me more confidence on the downhill stuff but the hardtail is a little whippy thing that is awesome for attacking on hills and throwing around corners like a big bmx.

To me, all mountain riding is pretty much downhill riding with some big jumps and drops, with only a little uphill sextions, something like a giant Reign would do the job here with 6" of travel, but it would suck balls to climb on. Something like the Anthem would be the most versatile of them all though, you can smash the races on it and the longer enduro rides. It just won’t be as light and agile as a hardtail which you might find a little to harsh on some courses if you are spending a lot of time in the saddle.

But, if you want to learn how to ride smooth, go the hardtail. Sometimes a dual susp rig will make you a lazy rider because you will roll over the rocks instead of picking a clean line through or around them as you know you have the travel to do it. Some of my friends race down hill on hard tails, it has really made them smart riders as they are pretty much forced to pick the smoothest line possible at pace.

Anyway, see if you can test ride some bikes before you lay down your hard earned. The good shops should have a fleet of test rides that you can actually test, not just ride around in the car park.

here is a video i made 6 years ago with a sony camera taped to my bars, i lost the high res version , its best viewed at a reduced size and turn the sound down if you don’t like cry murder :stuck_out_tongue:

mayhem.mp4 video by 00camo00 - Photobucket

^ +1.

I have some friends who used to race XC and downhill, and they’re riding hardtails out of choice. And riding them faster than anyone I know with dualies. I’d be looking at getting a 26" carbon hardtail if you want to get faster. Something like the ON-ONE Whippet. Personally I’m all for steel.

I’m sure that 29ers are a fad, unless you’re a giant.

EDIT: I looked at getting a Trek Fuel 9. They look better and more fun than a Anthem

Harden up eh? Well, yeah… will do.

Down hill on hardtails? when Ellepea first told me of this I was like ‘lolwhut, you crazy biatch’
Picking lines is difficult, I guess, I’m still learning to read the trails

dunno about them being a fad, cos when christian jumped on mine he was AMAZED at how quick it rolled compared to his merida.
The thing about people being giants though, my tattooist who’s 6’5" or something got an XTC 29er 1 and it’s changed the way he rides, because 26 was the equivalent for him as a 24" wheel would be for we more average types of people, I guess.

Also EzyLee that chest cam makes for SWEET footage, goddamn
Thought you were gonna bail hard on the DH run but you only come off a little