HELP: Online popularity contest

Hey kids, I have just entered a comp on the facebooks to win a trip snowboarding in Japan. Basically it is a video competition and I have entered one that I made from my trip earlier this year. Check it out and then help a brother out by voting for me.

Go here: Oakley Australia | Facebook … 5397202386

It should take you to the oakley page, then on the left menu there should be a ‘latest entries’ and you should see a video called: Ezy Loves Japan. Then hit the vote button. The only down side to it is that you need to agree to have oakley to give access to your account. The only thing that this does is publish who you voted for on your wall. It is not spamming in any way. Everyone who votes gets the chance to win snow gear too.

So yeah, be a good bloke and help me win! Good karma for all!


  • Liam


Champion, thanks heaps :slight_smile:



voted. you should probably take me if you win…


As an aside, I thought because I can surf & skate that I would be able to snowboard no problem. The only time I have gotten the chance to ‘hit the slopes’ was when I was in Norway, and I hit the deck so many times. My hips & knees were black & blue. It is really difficult. Luckily my friend’s father is the founding member of the biggest amateur beer club in Norway, so he sorted my out with a few healing ales.

Anyway, good luck.

Again, thanks a bunch for the continued votes. I really appreciate it!

Haha, yeah it is totally different. I use to skate back in the day and when I first got on the snowboard I thought it would be the same. I tried to turn in the same way you turn on the skateboard by using your ankles. Nope. I kept going straight… and quickly.

One of the best tips I got when learning was to pretend you are in the middle of a bus steering wheel and you are holding on to the wheel, when you want to turn, turn the wheel. I guess this makes your whole body turn which is the base of how to turn when snowboarding.

When I was in Japan, I had to remember this tip when I was in the waist deep stuff. It was like learning to board again.

Voted. Good luck in the comp, buddy! :slight_smile:

i skated for 7 years and found i transitioned to boarding within 2 hours.

i have been told that i “board like a skater” though, so i’ve no doubt in my mind that my technique needs improvement!!

^ Yeah, I was told this as I kind of twist the upper part of my body like you do on a skateboard…

…I blame this for not becoming a pro snowboarder.


votey voted!

Thanks a million to the people kind enough to vote for me.
So it turns out that you can vote for me once a day (or 24 hours past the last time you voted). So if you have a spare moment when you are on facebook, head over and punch in another vote for me if you can. I am in the lead in votes which is fucking awesome and I have this forum to thank for the majority of votes.

A little tip, every time you vote a little icon and status update sort of thing goes up on your wall saying that you just voted. So once you vote, go to that update and then click on the ‘x’ and click on hide this wall post or something like that. It just stops that from appearing in yours and your friends wall which they could get annoyed at.

Oakley Rebellion

Hey Hey, whaddya know… I just won a pair of $300 Oakley goggles for the snow :wink: Thanks heaps for the votes people. I am still up there in 3rd behind what looks like sponsored oakley riders so I am not sure if they are counted as legit entries or not.

Keep voting for me if you have a spare 10 seconds on the facebooks!

Oakley Rebellion

Annoying bump! I have a dude hot on my trails… only 10 votes behind me. I need to bury him like Jens buries himself.


Thanks for the shove along Scott!

Just to break up the cow puns… and I do apologise if I am being annoying, but I do have a very good chance of winning this thing I think as I just hit the lead in the voting department (ahead of a pro oakley rider mind you?).

Keep voting for me if you have a spare 10 seconds on facebook.

Oakley Rebellion