Help stop this crank harming public health

Coming to a town near you is Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny is a vile attempt at a human being and makes money by spreading lies and fear and general douchebaggery. I don’t care if I sound preachy, but contact your local member and the venues hosting her.
She does not deserve a platform.

2015 anti-vaccine tour of Australia – the Tenpenny caravan of hurt | reasonablehank

I’ve only recently realised that the anti-vaccine movement is actually a “thing”.

Was talking to a PhD microbiologist friend about it, and she said in the world of immunisation it’s now become a serious battle to rectify the misinformation being spread.

I was pretty surprised until I realised how much people can live within a “bubble” of information thanks to Google’s tailored search results.


Thanks. My day has now been filled by jumping from nutbag website to nutbag website reading up on the anti-vax brigade. I fear for some people.

I’m certainly not anti vax, It’s not often things go wrong. My wife’s a nurse and said she’d wait 2ish years after a new vax was released just as a precaution, especially for kids.

A long time back I worked on the road and went to Bundaberg a few times, back then I’d be out climbing shit or going in drains till the early morning for good photos. I shot the cemetery once and once home I read the memoriam of a little girls headstone. In the late 1920’s a bunch of kids died overnight because of a bad vaccine. But yeh, that was the 20s and things have progressed a long way.

Yeah, the scrutiny that any modern medicine gets is pretty bloody thorough these days. I wouldn’t worry too much about things like that. HPV vaccine is pretty new and saving plenty of lives.

But read the amount of tombstones pre 1920 of the amount of people who died of polio and other now treated diseases.

Bit more on point.

Thought this thread was going to be about these…

Petition the Minister to refuse her a visa.

There’s no law against stupid (or bigots etc).

Sydney venue cancels talk by US anti-vaccination campaigner
Sherri Tenpenny: Sydney venue cancels seminar of US anti-vaccination campaigner - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Shits me, this does.

Not sure there’s a vaccination for that

If there was, it’d cause autism.

Tenpenny’s a pretty cool surname eh…

Yes it is, Mr Bond

My wife’s step-brother’s family are anti-vaxxers. They’re also fucking morons. They’re also fundamentalist pentecostal christians who beat their children with a large wooden paddle as a form of corporal punishment. Did I mention they’re fucking morons?
Also worth noting is the kids are total arseholes: perfectly well-behaved when the parents are in earshot and total arseholes when not. The anti-arsehole inoculation would be welcome here.

^ give them a small dose of being arsehole and see if that works?

I avoid them wherever possible. We’ve got it down to christmas only, and I’m working on it being every second christmas or not at all.