help with frame history?

as you can see in the title i have got my hands on an old hoffy track frame built by hoffy cycles in sandgate. thats as far as i can get.

the frame has chromed parts with the words B.ANDERSEN painted on the down tube, along with two John Nicholson stickers stituated on the top side of the down tube and seat tube. any help is appreciated

i.e i will post some images soon, just want to be able to get it back to its original form with era parts on it.


Post up some photos and I’ll link the hoffy build book,
It should have a serial number under the bb.

unfortunately their is no serial number, all that is stamped is the words HOFFY.

If it is the build book on flickr i can’t find anything on there

I reckon its a Hoffy.

Wow you know so much about bikes. Do you think it was built by B.Henderson?

Could be a repaint, as Hoffy did a fair few of them.

Actually, it might be a McBain.

PS: that looks like Andersen not Henderson on the down tube.

Sorry that was a typo it is andersen (edited)

as you can see on the stickers it seems to be built by Eric Hendren?

Doesn’t look like a Hoffy to me - but a decent frame. Can you show a close up of the John Nicholson stickers.

John is a former Aussie Olympian and World Track Champion. Google “John Nicholson Cyclist” and open up the wickepedia link for some good track footage.

@ superman legs yeah ill get them on asap, yeah i had a search on john, used a lot of durace parts

The Serial number is sometimes on the top of the bb,
It Looks very Hoffy like, If it is stamped Hoffy The chances are its a Hoffy.
Hoffy did repaint a lot of bikes but not sure if they would have stamped it as well.

Seatstay caps = hoffy imo