Help with my Honours thesis ya-all!

Ok, so totally not bike related but i kind of feel like you kids are my family so i didn’t think you would mind.

I just developed and published online a survey for my honors thesis in Psychology and need a shit load of people to complete it so i have something to write about.

Its not going to be the most interesting 15min of your life but if you feel that you can spare it then i will be eternally grateful ( except that it is completely anonymous so i wont actually know if you have done it or not…but you can tell and then i can pat you on the back :wink:

Go here:

and if you want to read a little about what it is actually about then you can do so below.

Research on How People Feel About Having Contact with People with intellectual Disabilities

Dr. David Hamilton, Rachel O’Dwyer and Campbell Townsend from the School of Psychology at Australian Catholic University are conducting a study that explores the degree of contact that people feel comfortable having with people with intellectual disabilities. We hope that the information we gain will enhance our understanding of people’s behaviour toward disabled people.
We are seeking people over 18 years of age who would be willing to participate in the study. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will take approximately 15-20 minutes. The questionnaire is submitted anonymously.
If you would like to be involved, click on the following link:

For further information please contact:
Dr David Hamilton
Phone +61 (03) 9953 3118

Done; looks like great research. Good luck



Done and done.

As above

All done!


Done. God damn you asking the same question multiple times with different wording! gahhhhh hahaha

This, including the “done”.


Done, good luck with the study an d let us now your ‘findings’



not the best questionnaire i’ve done tbh… so many questions asking the same thing. to a point, there can be reason for asking the same question in different ways, but some of them were a bit ongoing. out of curiosity, what are the different constructs you are investigating?

also, what’s with all the non-intellectual disability related questions? how does that relate to the study? seemed like they were asking about our political views, i don’t remember reading any information about the topic of those questions in the participant information document at the beginning of the questionnaire.

My guess would be comparisons between views on people with learning disabilities and people of different ethnicity. But that’s just a guess.

Done. That last page was almost a bit like this:

At first I thought that might have been the case as well, but they seemed to be quite specific in investigating the views people hold towards left and right wing mentalities, being asked in ways which are hard to relate back to the topic of the study. Although sometimes the underlying construct that a question is attempting to measure is not clear from the question itself, which is why I asked what the constructs are that they are measuring.

yeh, done


Also done.
That last page though, yowzers.