Help with my Honours thesis ya-all!

Seems reasonable to me to ask those type of questions to control for other attitudinal factors. Better for the researcher to have data about that stuff to look at than to make assumptions or rely on “stylised facts” about it. Survey design for qual work like this isn’t ever going to be perfect, in any case it’s anonymous and it has ACU’s HREC approval (if they’re anything like mine they would have left no stone unturned :rolleyes:).

You are right, but my concern is that the questions not related to intellectual disabilities seemed to go into quite a lot of detail in investigating something that did not seem explicitly relevent to the topic. In the information letter given at the beginning of the survey, the demographic information they wanted as well as the topics of the information they were going to be questioning us on was described, but nothing relating to the questions asking about (what I remember to be) monetary equality, authority, and opinions towards ethnic groups. I don’t want to make this into a bigger deal than it is, because really, no harm is being done by asking these questions. Nor do I want it to seem like i’m suggesting that they have an ultimatum in asking these questions. I’m just curious as to their relevance to the research, as the topics were not really mentioned in the information letter and seem to deviate from the topic a bit.

Thank you all for completing it. I Know it wasn’t the best 15-20 min of your life but fuck i appreciate it!


Done. That survey really needs a progress meter…

Makes perfect sense, I study psych too which is why I’m interested. Out of curiosity what are the other personality constructs you’re talking about?

Done, I actually enjoyed completing that for an unknown reason.

believe it or not but research has shown that a progress meter actually makes people less inclined to complete the survey. i did initially have one there but then removed it.

Wait… Did the research for the ‘effectiveness of a progress bar study’ require a survey?

You’re biasing the sample!!

haha, i believe that they provided 2 surveys, 1 with and 1 without a progress meter to two comparative samples.

Good point, my explanation has been deleted…not sure what i was thinking by explaining what it was all about. cheers Dxs

So uhh, the personality constructs you’re talking about… What are they?