hey aquaman!

nice to ride with you this morning. thought i’d be with you all the way along st georges… where do you turn off?

Hey man,
Yeah good to have a fellow rider in the morning!
I washed my jeans for the first time and they shrunk around the thigh so it was an awkward ride…

I cut through to high st, heading towards Darebin rd.

Where were you heading?

cam !! its josh with the fuji track pro !! whats goin on man ?? that was me that called your phone on the weekend to see if you were coming for a ride !! when am i gonna see this pink awesomness ?? i got mine on now to !

hopefully see you on sunday mate … :mrgreen:

i work out on plenty rd. i don’t usually ride along brunswick st, but what can i say? sometimes i wake up at houses that aren’t mine.

The book has been reopened?

see this pink awesomness ?? i got mine on now to !

. . . . and it keeps spreading like a virus.

now, matty, i didn’t read the post from fuji fixed (my eyes tend to gloss over that much poor punctuation), and i just thought you were referring to the total rush team kit, which comes in a similar shade to aquaman’s lameospoke…

Wait a second, didn’t you have that aspergers thing on Wednesday night? On Brunswick st?

i fear i’m giving away too much on this forum…

haha i was thinking the exact same thing bailey !!!


lock thread! lock thread!

Guys ! I dont get why there is so much hate towards aerospoke’s ?? they are only wheels that you put on you bicycle ! why would you give someone shit about having them on there bike , if someone like myself chooses to put them on there bike there really should be no issue with anybody , its my choice no.1 , no.2 its my money that i have worked for therefore its my choice what i spend the money on . point 3 thats the way i want my bike to look - again my choice i own the thing ! i really dont know why diff people myself included are getting flamed for having aerospokes !

i dont know what to put it down to , i mean i dont like fords but i dont tell every fvcken person i see on a forum that fords are shit and they are goose’s for having one its there choice and there money ! why would i even bother telling them or making comments about it i have alot better things to do with my brain than think up a sarcastic remark for a product on someone else’s property !!

for the people that really dont like aerospoke 's what does your bike look like ?? im hoping its the way you want it to look !! personally i might not like your bikes but whatevs keep movin on , its only a bicycle - but to someone else it could the most awesome bike they have seen this side of the southern hemisphere and they need to take a photo of it with there phones !!

( this is not directed at anybody at all ) i dont even know anyone except aquaman oh and andy white but im good mates with his brother and have met andy at a mutual friends mechanic workshop ! i met cam on a different forums sunday ride infact the forum is a sneaker forum and yeh that means i bought my bike for fun only not fitness or to commute just to have fun and yeah i have spent a fair bit of money on my set up but i fvcken love walking into the garage and seeing my bike sittin there ready to go or rippin a massive skid between cars and i can sorta get a glimpse of the front aerospoke spinning underneath me !! mega !!

You are wrong.

its ok to be wrong.

which is good for you right now, because,

You are wrong

Hahaha, you’re a potato.

explain shortsie how is it that i am wrong ???

Fuji: Relax - no-one takes it that seriously. I’m a potato as much as you are - we all are potatos, and that’s very funny.