Hillbrick Track (Lugged Columbus Gara)

I’m from the UK, and I’m living/working in Melbourne for about a year, so I needed to sort a bike out. It’s nothing special, and a strange combination of Italian/Japanese stuff at the moment, but it does what I need it to do! I saw this frame on here, and decided it would be perfect, as it’s Australian, and most of my bikes back home are from English builders, and it’s pretty much a perfect fit.

It’s not quite finished, but I chucked some stuff on that was lying around the workshop, at work, so I could get it rolling for now. I’ve got a Thomson inline Seatpost, and some Time Atac pedals on order, I’m going to try to find an old flite to stick on it, and I’m keeping an eye out for a second hand Dura Ace 170mm chainset (pref 7600, but I’d go for 7710).
At the moment, it’s a beaten up pair of 172.5mm 105 cranks, some SPD pedals, off one of the hire bikes from work, and a shitty old Specialized saddle from the bin/random post that came with the frame.
It’s a steel (only Gara, but it’s fine for what I need it for) Hillbrick track frame and fork (56x57), and the wheels are 32h Open Pro CD rims on 7600 hubs, currently with a pair of Continental GP4000s, which were free, because they came off an old bike at work. Bars are 42cm Cinelli 65s wrapped in Fizik tape, but I might change them, because the stem is a bit long for me on this frame, and they’re the only non Japanese component on the bike (I know that’s a stupid reason, I’ll probably keep them, and just find a 100mm Cinelli stem).

It’s not properly finished, but it rides really well so far. Proper (daytime) photos when It’s properly finished.

A few more photos on flickr

Nice job!

great photo

love. it.

Good photos, nice bike.

Saw it briefly on LFGSS, pre it being built up.

It’s red bike month! Very nice build, innit?

My my that is a long stem you have there.

one of the nicer bikes on here. Good Job.

Looking good Sam.

thats really nice, and nice pics too

Nice build. You going to be taking this back to the UK, can’t imagine there are too many Hillbricks cruising the streets of the UK.

I’d like to take it home, when I leave, but I’ll have to look at how much it’s going to cost in freight. It would be pretty unique in that part of the world, I guess!

I like the bike, not the photos

nice one man! like it a lot

Also, just built this up from spare parts at work, for geared duties.

That saddle has a chronic case of brewer’s droop.

SMP Strike: Possibly the ugliest saddle in the world, but definitely one of the most comfortable.

It’s rolling like this at the moment. Pretty much there now.

I can look after it when you leave. No problem!

that seat does my head in but still a great build. also nice meeting you last night, bring this out for next time.