especially when they start rhyming.


well thats 2 minutes of my life I wont see again, and want back.
I wanted the hippie with the birdcage over her head(and arms) to fall off though… just to prove to her that its a stupid idea.

I cringed…

most viewers dry retched

somehow, bikesnob must be made aware of this video.

EDIT - nevermind, email address found and sent. :slight_smile:


I hate ‘fucktard’ hippy scum

great. now i hate cycling too.

The Brunswick Free Ride was fun … if I’d known that shit was going on I would have called the plods myself :\

[right]there’s enough hate in this thread to start a militant wing.[/right]

edit: oh god, 9/11 bad taste party cancelled eight days ago due to Herald-Sun coverage. Internet:1, yuo:0

what’s red and looks good on hippies?

FIRE! :evil:

GREAT SUCCESS! I got a reply from bikesnob to the email I sent

Check out todays post… :slight_smile:

haha nice work!

You realize we have inadvertently helped the d00d out by increasing the view counts by a factor of 10,000 percent?


I guess, but I would presume that 99% of the additional traffic is looking at it for what it is - a massive joke. :slight_smile:

so, anyone here inadvertantly end up in the video that we can tease?

i first read this joke on the toilet wall at soul food. true!

  • a fucken kajillion.

. . and I bet they’re all vegans. :wink: :evil:

seriously this guy and his friends are enemies to cycling and should be stopped at all costs.

destroy brunswick.