Hit and run in Ringwood !

Is anyone else sick to fucking death of this? Cyclist injuries are at an all time high and the government are doing sweet fuck all about it. No driver education and no increased penalties.
Cyclist injured in Ringwood hit-run

I’m hoping the c@nt gets put away for decent stint when they catch him ! :mad:

Some scary stats in this one… and a piss poor example of what happens when a truck mows you down.
Cyclists face increased injury risk

Cyclists are 4½ times more likely than a car occupant to die in an accident.

i dont like this statistic.

hope the rider pulls through…

Hope the guy makes it. It certainly sucks that the penalties don’t really match the pain and suffering the victim has to endure. The policewoman who took the case in my accident seemed almost apologetic when informing me that they had booked the taxi driver, saying that it was as much as they could do.

the initial outcome from the police when i was hit last year was ‘we gave him a caution’

i was absolutely enraged by this so i went to the police minister, they started the whole thing from scratch and the cvnt ended up with no license and $2.5k less money in his pocket.

dragging said cvnt thru civil court and he is still yet to pay my damages. the system is fucked.

this guy is going to get absolutely shafted too, poor bastard.

That you would have to pursue this on an individual basis is outrageous!

Sadly, it also seems you are at the mercy of the police you report it to. Last time I got hit, they appeared to take it seriously and said that based on the statement I had given them, they’d at least send the driver a fine.

I think we need to make our presence felt a lot more. I ride and I vote !

Some kinda vigilante action? Fuck the guys car up and ride away? Or even better, a group of people sit in the back of my ute, we drive up to the guy, they jump out, and beat the fucken tits outta the guy.

The driver is waaaay ahead of you…he’s already dumped and torched the car (which was stolen).

Dylan, is this your inner Narre Warren speaking! :wink:

We reported Amelia’s accident last week and was told that the driver will probably only receive a fine for failing to giveway, if we want compensation for personal injury and loss we have to chase it civilly through the courts, at our cost. Sucks so bad and I will be definitely reading who’s doing what for cyclists at the next election that for bloody sure!

Smart move.

And yeah Markee, you telling mme you’ve never felt the desire to just smash someone with a baseball bat or a trolley pole?
Sometimes, that shit is justice!
Better stick to non-violent solutions and just vandalize things

good to know they caught him
Man arrested after hit-run on cyclist in Ringwood | Herald Sun

Unfortunatley the cyclist has now died…

That’s very sad news.

This is an absolute tragedy. While a hit run by someone with a stolen car is not the problem that most of us face on the roads, I hope this poor bloke doesn’t die in vain and that people start to take notice.

It’s just so frustrating that cars can do anything they want really, scare the shit out of us, pull in front, even kill.
And fuck all seems to happen.
Is the government etc. waiting until one of us goes postal and kills someone with a u lock after the 1000th time we have been cut off with zero regard for our life?
Sometimes I wish my parents never moved here from Holland, cyclists get looked after over there…

awe, fuck.

just blows my mind, how some people require years of physical therapy and time off work etc…
and all the driver gets, is a couple of demerit points off their licence, and a fine…
it boggles my mind, to be quite honest…

That’s really sad news.
Glad they got the guy. Caught him pretty quickly, probably “known to police”.

well thats manslaughter, but I’m sure they’ll be pleading mental impairment, or lack of intent.


Manslaughter | VIC Criminal Offences | Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance

now an extended group of people has to live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives, and the offender will probably get a reduced sentence, with minimal time served. It’s a fucking joke. It’s times like this that I have very little faith in the justice system and western society as a whole.


Well said Alexander. I hate this shit

Really shit news. Hope they catch the prick and they get put away for a really long time…