Hit me with some (specific) frames

So… I’m looking for a CX/commuter and I have a long list I want to fulfil. I need a big frame - about 60cm in the top tube and up to 65cm in the seat tube. The issue is, most OTS frames are made for midgets. I was thinking the easiest way to get everything I want would be to go custum, but then that aint cheap, and I thought the .org would have some good suggestions.

Here’s the list:

[li]SS Belt drive (potential to run geared is a plus)[/li][li]I live about 50m from the ocean so it needs to be corrosion resistant. Steel is not going to cut it. I’d prefer stainless steel or Ti to carbon, but my concerns about the long term durability of carbon are unfounded.[/li][li]Disc brakes[/li][li]Full guards[/li][li]Up to 38c tyres (should I consider more?)[/li][li]Threadless headset, 1 1/8[/li][/ul]
Obviously I can’t get a custom carbon build… but what of stainless vs titanium? I’ve never ridden either and would be keen to know any opinions on the matter. I’ve read that Ti beats stainless in weight and durability, so why is anyone getting stainless?

  1. I was thinking of using paragon rocker drop outs like this (I really don’t like eccentric BBs):

  1. Or what about set up as below (Traitor Cycles Ruben) with a eccentric hub, e.g. white industries Eno, I expect there is enough movement in the caliper mount to work with an Eno?

  1. Then, you could always do this:

jeebus, that’s a pretty custom list you got there. i can’t help too much, but theSpecialized Tricross SS ticks a few of your boxes for an OTR bike (and maybe, just maybe, big enough…)

Brakefree/Kumo opening FOA special?

Steel & framesaver & drain holes & a rebuild and internal peek every now and then to respray will survive coastal use.

WI make an ENO disc mount. Forward Components make an eccentric BB that works with Shimano / FSA ext BB cranks on a regular BB shell. Symes Cycles & Gellie Custom are working on a pivoting disc/rolhoff/etc dropout currently too.

Lynskey titanium? Pretty damn sweet, although your size requirements are… extreme

only solution I can see.

For all those requirements, I can’t see an off-the-shelf being cheaper than a custom in this case.

Or even custom colossi as well if the budget doesnt stretch to Kumo.

I think Bill from Progetto has built a couple of CX carbon Frames… He’s in NSW

Progetto Cycles

Yeah the Crux frameset with an ENO hub + ENO ISO mount is an option, but for the belt drive and not sure how is goes with guards.

  1. You would think so, but the maintenance that is required is more onerous than I am interested in - and there are parts of the frame you can’t get too sufficiently.

  2. Was aware of the WI part, I just don’t really like it. It is a good solution though. The eccentric BB is interesting, though I’ve never heard glowing feedback on the system.

I think Colossi is a likely solution.

I realise that a single frame having all the features on my list is not likely, but I’m open to seeing frames that have some features. Like:

Here’s some. It does exactly what it claims to. It’s well made and is easy to setup and adjust once you know how.

But only if you had a frame you wanted to use. If you’re starting from scratch I’d look at other options first.

All the belt drive frames I’ve seen have separating rear stays so you can replace the belt.
Which makes OTF, which is not already belt drive, non-existent.
Am I missing something?

And the TriCross SS is really heavy. Mate has one here and I was less than impressed by the weight. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s track spacing so you couldn’t run a decent internally geared hub.

Good advice, thanks. And then regarding chain tensioning, what is your favoured approach?

Belt drive OTS is fine.

Righty, I am at this very moment making myself a SS CX with disc brakes and set up for belt drive, sounds similar to your requirements hey!

I can build you something from Columbus XCR or KVA Stainless steel but it will
Cost you!
Email me or PM me I you want to chat through your options.

Using the paragon slider dropouts which are easier to set up with discs from what the other builders have been telling me

ENO eccentric if I’m changing gearing frequently (although my ENO wheel is unrideable right now), otherwise Forward Components BB.

Haven’t used sliding dropouts or slotted disc mounts yet. If I have to wait too long to find something I’ll end up stripping the Jamis and SSing that instead.

kumo kumo kumo

Good fucking luck. Have not been able to find one in the last 6 months and the company seems to be non-exsistent. I’m either a retard or SOA.

I reckon if you can find me one/yourself one and I buy you a big beer. If not I’ll be buying a (Exzentriker Despiece 1) Exzentriker. Happy to spilit shipping.

Maybe a silly question, but why not a frame with old style forward-facing dropouts?

Otherwise, not the right frame, but the sliding dropouts Gios have used for years seem ok:

It’s possible to buy NOS dropout parts: De Fietsenmaker - Gios Compact-Pro rear drop out

This is what I’m talking about - seat stays and chain stays not welded together.
So is belt drive on or off the requirements list?

One of the guys at the LBS is building a single speed belt drive MTB cruiser. Crazy looking machine.
Will try and get some deets for you.
And this - Spot Rocker Ti… Geo probably not the best for CX.

Other silly question: why do you want belt drive? Does the frame then need to come apart somewhere?

You might have read this already, but Bike Snob was pretty critical of belt drive:
Bike Snob NYC: The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Playing With Your Test-Cycle (Or maybe just being a snob).

Don’t need the luck. I’ve had one for a couple of years now. But it does look like they’re no longer being made.