Hold Fast vs Skin Grows Back

Hi guys, as the title says looking for suggestions from people with experience with either of these. Been riding clipless on the fixed gear for a few months now, and going back to some generic velcro straps is pretty crappy! Looking at either of these two because I believe you can adjust them into a wedge shape to fit your shoe better? Have been looking for some pics/info on skin grows back back straps but can only find pics of them only fitted to a pedal.
Also don’t really like the idea of having a whole bit of velcro exposed like on the skin grows back straps, much prefer the strap to go right over the end like hold fasts. (if you look at a pic you will see what I mean)
Would most likely buy the skin grows back straps from their website as they have free postage (?) but where in Aus would I find hold fasts? Higher price plus postage from US is putting them second.

Any help much appreciated.

I’ve been running skingrowsback for a year now and they’re still strong as ever… GIT SUM


I use to run SGB straps, no issues what so ever.

they are basically the same thing so whichever you buy will be cool.

sgb or bogear support local lads.

Cheers for all the replies guys. Gonna go wit the SGB straps then :slight_smile:

can’t recommend the SGB highly enough.

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If you buy SGB you’ll be helping out a great guy trying/doing something that takes a lot of time and perseverance.

Skin Grows back for your ex-cons down under but Hold Fast started it all! (and I’m on the header card)

Whaddya mean, “Ex”?

Holdfast > BO Gear

The problem with the BO straps is that they are very cumbersome to adjust. I regret my purchase, and will be heading down to Sable & Argent tomorrow to pick up a pair of SGB straps.

got both sgb and bo gear surplus to my needs if interested in local…

yea man interested in sgb for sure. What condish they in and how much? cheers

Hold fast all the way

BO GEAR > sgb/hold fast

in the bo’s you actually feel like your in there and not a slight twist from flying out while bombing down that huge hill, and not a problem once they are set, unless you need to re-adjust every ride?? (who does this anyway?)

but not everyone wants to feel that secure in their straps, in that case SGB>hold fast!

Jamie was prototyping and produced the dx strap before hold fast kids were riding bikes. No joke. He rocked them many many moons ago and was laughed at by all.

I don’t get this, you must have had them set up wrong. My SGB straps are the most secure thing I’ve ever put my feet into (that sounds weird…), no chance of pulling out when doing sweet whipskids or “bombing down that huge hill”. Only problem with all these is they fuck with your shoes something fierce.

If you:

  1. own more than one pair of shoes?
  2. ride in smaller style shoes (as in light running shoes or some thing other rather than chunky skate shoes)? or
  3. position the balls of your feet over the guts of the pedals - rather than sliding further into the straps and riding more on the arch?
    then you’ll find the BO’s impractical/unsuitable