Home contents insurance for a bike enthusiast

Anyone have any advice on getting home contents insurance? I’ve looked at some basic contents policies and the prices seem ok, but I haven’t yet read the fine print when it comes to bikes in particular.

I’m thinking it’s probably time I get contents insurance for my bikes. I’m renting, so it’s just contents I’m after. And I don’t have all that much other stuff that needs insuring (a couple of laptops, a bunch of outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bags and climbing gear that adds up).

I’ve heard there are policies that will cover theft of a bike when taking it out and possibly damage?

Do I go with a regular insurer, or a bike specific insurer?

Seeing you are in the 'hood. We used a local insurance broker for our home and contents http://arcuri.com.au/.

They’re pretty good, they have moved us a couple of times when better polices came up. When I had a bike pinched off the verandah they handled all the dealings with insurance company. I just had to organise the quotes.

Calling the insurer to ask questions:

Insurer: “You just need proof of value of the bicycle in event of a claim, eg a purchase invoice”.
Me: “I build my bicycles from components sourced from various suppliers. Can I provide, eg, ten invoices for all the separate individual components which I built up, which together can prove the value of the bicycle?”
Insurer: “… let me put you on hold …”

In the end, answer is yes.

I just called Budget Direct - who insures my car - and they seem cheap and ok. I just need to list all my bikes as personal effects to allow coverage for thefts that might occur outside the house.

And dallimor thanks - although I’m not sure I need that level of service, as it’s just contents insurance and not home because I’m renting. Budget Direct has given an estimate of $200 yearly, which seems very reasonable.

Edit - $400/year when I add my bikes individually to be covered when I’m taking them out of the house. Seems ok.