Horizontal dropouts and skewers

I’ve been looking around for a wet weather commuter frame set, 700C and geared.
Something that will take a 28-32C with guards.
Short list include:
Salsa Casseroll
Surly Crosscheck
AllCity Space Horse

All three of these frames have horizontal dropouts reminiscent of the Campagnolo 1010.
I’ve read a number of articles/blogs/forums where people have had problems with quick release skewers not ‘biting’ into the dropouts as the rear wheel slipping.

Is this a common problem?
Is this more common on frames with S/S dropouts?

If you have full length guards, installing the wheel while the guards are in place will be a bitch

Buy better skewers.

For skewers, get good quality, internal cam, steel faced ones. If you can source some DA/Ultegra/Record/Suntour ones, so much the better. Otherwise, chromed Joytech ones will do the job.

Only if you’ve spaced the front end out from the BB to nail your fender line. (Use a spring mount. problem solved.)

track ends are a hassle with fenders, but if you use the SKS breakaway mounts it’s no big deal.

I have bikes setup with both of the above, no problems.

Not interested in the La Raza any more?

I have a crosscheck, with none of the above issues, although I do use allen-key skewers. As for mudguards, just leave a bit of space at the front of the rear mudguard so you can get the wheel in and out. EDIT: or spring mount as blakey suggested.

Buy older steel skewers, my fixed bike was always skewers despite the dire predictions.

This is not a problem I’m having just something that I want to avoid.
The wheels that I’m looking to use are Campy wheels with Campy skewers.
These skewers are steel faced from what I can tell.

@Blakey - the La Raza obviously won’t have this problem but it might be a bit big, still looking at options.

Why the wet-weather commuter? How far do you commute? Didn’t you just build an all-round do-everything bike?

Yeah and I’m not happy with it. Too off-roadie not enough roadie.
The commute to the Uni is about a 52km round trip.
It’s got discs which makes racks/fenders a PITA. Might swap to cantis/mini-Vs and drops.

that’s a lotta k’s, how often you do that? mine’s only 9 each way!

Just buy Blakey’s Casserole.

Dude. I don’t have a permit to sell food. The health dept is going to be all over me.


Before you go buying/building another bike for your epic commute, consider how often you’ll be doing it. Might be worth just using what you’ve got until you’re sure you’re actually going to do it.

Or buy Blakey’s salsa.

What, you’re going to suggest my guacamole next?

I’m just at that point. I don’t know what I want now.
I’ve got a set of bar end shifters coming for the Voodoo so I can
put a set of drops on it.
The Voodoo does have track ends which with fenders, will be a PITA like someone has already mentioned.
Switch the brakes, put the fenders and rear rack on it and see how it goes.
Don’t want to have to ‘manipulate’ the fender stays to get around the discs then decided it’s still not working how I want.

I think Blakey’s Salsa is a little too big.
Still a fan of maximum SO height and not smashing my nuts regardless of what Spirito says.

I’m allergic to avocado.

On my old Viner road bike I had lots of trouble with standard skewers not biting enough on the horizontal dropout. A couple of embassarsing situations where the rear wheel would suddenly jam up.

Solution was an older Shimano fully steel skewer- as in the whole cam body being steel like old XT, the type you can really torque up.

Modern Shimano 105/Ultegra/DA were actually the culprit.
In fact the new Ultegra skewers are a bit shitty these days as the non-cam side dongle thingy is made of plastic/resin with a steel insert. Just not tough enough!
The DA ones are still the shizzle though, with a beautiful poished alloy finish.

Like Blakey says Shimano skewer with an internal cam are meant to be the best of the quickrelease designs.

If you need it 100% rock solid I can recommend getting a DT Swiss RWS skewer. They have a ratchet design which provides more clamping force than a regular QR. I use a RWS 10mm thru bolt on my MTB. Rock solid.

I’m sure this is true but I wanted to use an existing wheelset which aren’t compatible.
Something to keep in mind if I built another wheelset.

No, sorry I was suggesting the 5mm RWS skewer for your bike, its has standard QR dimensions. It is compatible with a regular QR axle. They’re pricey ($50-60 each) but if you’re worrying about a slipping axle that would be my best suggestion (without resorting to a chain tug).