How many inch's are people riding street with?

I’m looking to change from SS MTB to road SS/fixed and have no idea what gear to run. I mainly commute between Blackburn and Mulgrave on 60"

66 on one bike, 68 on the other. I used to ride 72, but these days I like to spin more.

You can generally ride a bigger gear, going from free to fixed, once you get used to your legs constantly moving.


77.6 on the street track bike.
103.8 when I’m up for some nonsense.

61.7 on the mountain bike (I really want push it up to low 70).

72 most of the time.

If I’m going riding with some mates on a long road ride, I bump it to 77 or 81 depending on whose going to be in the group (ie, how fast it’ll be)

about 12 inches normally…

bwahahahahahahahahaha :roll:

I was thinking of starting with around 70 and see how I go.
Thanks for your input guys

Length or girth??? :lol:

I’m running 70" on the hardtail. When I get the project on the raod I think I’ll move up to 73-74". Better along the flats and still usable on the uphills…

Nah, sub 60 is where it’s AT! Slow speed, lots of rpms and big smiles :slight_smile:

Skidstar: 44:20 = ~57 inches
Street bike: 43:16 = ~72 inches (soon to be 43:17 or maybe even 43:18 )
Track Bike: 44:14 = 86 inches
MTB: 32:15 = ~57 inches

Nick has the right idea. When you can’t decide your gearing, just have lots of bikes to choose from.


mtb on road 63
mtb off road 48
track 91.8
street bike 70-75 :o


Is that fixed? If so I tip my hat to thee.

Must be trials-ish. That’s lower than 2:1 ratio which gives 52 GI on a 26" wheel.

29er MTB SS = 32/20 or 43.2 gear inches (a little wrong perhaps due to the tyre size)
Track = 48/16 or 81.0 gear inches
Street = 42/16 or 70.9 gear inches

Nick has the right idea. When you can’t decide your gearing, just have lots of bikes to choose from.


Yep. I can choose from Low, Medium or High :slight_smile:

Track - 52:16 on 700-20 tyres - 84.7"…

Have run anything from 76" to 88" so far on track… Not got it right yet…

I thought it was 49/15 until I checked the cog and the lbs had put a 14 on by mistake (rode that for a couple of months). Recently changed it to 49/15 (88) which is what I also ride on the track.

76 on the windy-day bike
71 on the very-windy-day bike

well according to sheldon brown, i’m running 69.8 for work.
lets me head up spring hill 10 times a day, roll around town, and skid whenever i want. i do between 50-100 k’s a day, so i don’t want to go anything bigger.