how many times do you repair?

Right so i generaly repair innertubes 2/3 sometimes 4 times before i replace an innertube and then the old one goes into ghetto tape container.
Kinda because ‘it all adds up’ and at the moment in i seem to be getting atleast one flat a week…how many times do people repair theirs?


I can usually only be bothered doing it once or twice


Until it looks like it’s covered in freckles. Really, you can patch a tube until it’s covered in them if done properly - they add another layer of puncture protection.

Does anyone have any handy uses for old tubes? I’ve got a few lying around in the garage and can’t bring myself to throw them away because I feel like they’re might be good for something or other.

i always just replace mine with a new one.
Though i hang on to the punctured one and put it in the pile that i always tell myself i will go through and repair. Its yet to happen.

Keep them, then give them away as prizes at roller racing.

One or two repairs, even on a three buck tube. Seems wasteful to chuck 'em (I was raised by a scotsman)

I used to give my dead tubes to a friend who passed them on to a sheltered workshop. No idea what they did with them.

3 strikes and they’re out.

Use them for: top tube protector, bar tape, make a wallet, belt or bag out of them etc etc Look up the interwebz for recycling tips. :slight_smile:

til they stop holding air or have a catastrophic failure.

It all depends on how big the hole is. I tend to patch the ones that are easy to find, but if i cant spot the hole straight away it will just get replaced with a new one.

1 flat per week! Do you ride through a nail factory on your way to work?

What tires do you use?


I’d be (un)lucky to have one every 6 - 12 months. Tyre choice is the key.

Ignoring the posters that work in bike shops and either dont pay (or barely pay) for tubes :wink:

I patch about 2-3 times… depending on size of hole and location. I never put a patch on another patch and if its too big a cut/slash its time to move on.

i figure its less than a buck and about 5mins effort to fix a tube, and it saves throwing something usable out. i tend to save my cut tubes until i have a few (2-5) and then patch them all at once with a beer in front of the tv. its a great rainy day activity.

old tubes can be useful for wrapping around areas you frequently lock to (ie at work/home) for frame protection.

i’m with nik - repairing tubes while watching TV makes neighbours feel like half an hour well spent.

Same with me - I keep patching them unless they blow along the seam.

I’ve used old ones to cut strips off for frame/fork protection for installing sensors for cadence/speed from time to time.

As Brendan says its quite satisfying and reminds me of patching tires when I was a kid when we never chucked tubes away.


I’ll patch tubes until I can’t be bothered any more or the valve is buggered. Thats despite having a stack of 6-8 at home from various wiggle orders I had to fill out for free post.

I often take a patch kit when riding instead of a spare. Its about the size of a packet of chewie, so much less of a bulge in my pocket than a tube. But if riding with a bag or for a longer distance I’ll have a spare (or two), because despite being lighter to carry patching on the side of the road sucks.

i am currently using an old tube to hold up my clothesline whilst we wait for the real estate agents to get their shit together and fix it…

amazing how far those things can stretch :stuck_out_tongue: