Hunt 1000

I’m not that keen personally, but I know a few of you are. It looks like a cracker of a route. Who’s in? How are you going to manage it?

Hunt 1000

Fuck. Maybe should be in touring? I think so. Can someone move it please?


Ta Rolls. Love ya guts eh

If I find myself with a windfall of cash I’ll be there in a shot!

NZ is quite windy…

I’m gonna do it.

Management? Just ride it.

Like the idea of everyone meeting for a meal and beer in Melb on the Saturday night, no need to go nuts.

Though if the level of interest translates to riders might have to be pizza and beer in the park!

I think I’ll definitely do it, maybe leave a day early, 1000kms in 7 days is a bit worrying.

143km per day. You’ll do EAAAAASSSSY.

Hope so!

Na, mass start is part of the fun.

As Dan sez 143km a day is hard but surprisingly manageable when your getting up early and all your doing is riding

Yeah I was super keen and perfect timing for me but I just got diagnosed with glandular fever which has wiped me out pretty bad. Not allowed to exercise for a while (months) so probably not on the cards any more.

^ What??? Sorry to hear Sean. That’s fucked!

better than the finish at antelope wells! (or the monument in VA).

would definitely be up for finish line recaps.

Fuuuu. Sucks dude.

I get back from Europe mid-November - so might be pushing it taking more time off work, but I reckon I’m 99% in…

Im in. This is gonna be super fun!

Sheeeet, that sucks man. I feel bad for you son…

Yeh, totally agree. I averaged around 135/day for 24 days in NZ, which included some big days (200 and 240km) and a few days of not much at all. When the days are long and you’ve got nothing else to do but ride you can take it easy, never go lactic, take lots of rest breaks and enjoy the scenery.

Yeah you know what, that’s true. When I wasn’t working and riding every other day I was getting up in the 120+ mark with no worries. I’ve never done more than 3 days straight but a whole day is a long time to do 140km!

I spent the whole of my commute this morning pre-pre-planning for this. Stoked!

@Sean, that really sucks man. Hope it’ll be a mild one, if GF can at all be.

This sounds great but I reckon I should be in Tassie riding then, or just back from it.

Commiserations, had that back in my Uni days too. :frowning:

Im keen but unlikely ill be able to do the ride, due to japan holiday at the start of november.
Keen to hear how people go though.
And im always interested in beer and pizza