I made a movie

I think it’s rad
‪Building Black Betty‬‏ - YouTube

I dig your Tshirt sister!

That was terrific.


and it’s my favourite shirt

Awesome movie! could watch these type of things all day.

That’s brilliant, great job! What kind of frame was that? Looks similar to a Malvern Star Skidstar.

That’s rad. So I can expect my next build to be complete in ten minutes? :smiley:

Nice soundtrack too!!

What is it?

You obviously did not spend the nighties reaching for the laser it’s left field song of life

Hey man great edit, love the black and white. What application did you assemble it with?
I’m currently teaching myself Premier Pro, I’m a graphic design guy so it suits me because it’s in the suite CS suite.

Hmmmm, try again.

actually I really do like this

Nope! I was in the forrest trippin balls!

thats a very neat video, nice work