I need a bell

Ok, I’m pretty sure this has been gone over in a thread in the past. But as i’m typing this off a phone it’spainful using the search function “bb don’t ban me”

Most of you prob know that the enabler made a dust gathering wicked bike of mine usable again for my current lifestyle.

Alas it needs a bell to finish it off


thanks, chris.

Velo Orange?

Yeah Velo orange has some nice ones, I’m sure commuter had them last time I was there.

Crane or GTFO.


You need one that goes ‘beee-booo’, just like they do at the 7-11’s when you walk in.

Get a horn

And a slurpee machine.

Honka hoota or brass bell


Sögreni Bell - €40.50 : Sogreni Bikes

Cheap, too.

Crane’s are on sale on Bike Bug at the moment.

$13 dollars for some sweet brass tonezzzz.

wanted - cheap bell for oversize bars

does a honka hoota fit o/s?

BBB do one with rubber o-rings, fits any bar, stems, steerers etc

NC-17 Alloy Bell | Chain Reaction Cycles
these work good IMHO

looks good but i think some genius would remove that from my bike within 5 mins of me parking it, uni bike cage… bit thefty.

It’s fixed.org.au … you should be asking for a whistle. Also saves doubling up if you’re attending gay pride marches.

Why the fuck did I write this?

i dont know but i would like to buy one

ha, cos wasn’t the original post about Snail’s 7-11 merckx?

I thought it was pretty funny.