I saw this bloke the other day and e was...

Everyone else has got one so why not us. (spotted thread that is)

Dude on a cream roller in West End, oversize flat bars, no starnut bolt, straps or common sense. There was a bloke in a blue shirt looking for you :?

ahahahahahahahaha Blue shirt, a badge, gun name was sargent someone…

Yup. Talk to Erik/Will about him :wink:

White KHS Flite w/black wheels etc. White grips+flat bars. Never seen the rider, but the bike’s always chained up in the Great Court at UQ…


saw said KHS owner in UQ ride past when i was walking into my college along sir william macgregor dr last week.

do u study at UQ as well?

Yeah I do. Don’t tend to ride there more than one day a week, though, because I’m lazy and there’s a big ass hill between here and there :roll:

Working in the city smorn and saw a bloke on a red soma with green V’s on it. Made me feel violent, not against you (i think Eric explained) but definately toward another person in the briz bike community :evil:

pooor marty. that woulda sucked.

SPOTTED yellow fixie / black veeeps on marty’s verandah at midnight with 3 stooges standing around it trying to fit bootom bracket cups in the wrong way hahahhahaha

jks. & back on track!


but i think just about everyone has their own shitty experience with said person…


Still waiting on brake callipers… only 7 months later…

Bloke on a white Beretto on Newmarket Rd, saw your bike when I went past you up near the lights but took a few seconds to register what it was. Nice ride. Thanks for saying hi.

supermanlegs yesterday down annerly rd. Sorry i didnt stop was off to meet up with nate

mmm… probably thats me :smiley:
maybe i should come in and say hi earlier.
damn busy this month…

yup hi everyone

marty, george street at 7.00pm tonight. i was with a big bunch of kids from uni going to pancake manor for dinner yewwww!!!

Shit I was going slow and everyting, thought it was you caught that brown mop from over the top of the other people.

that was me! :slight_smile:
i wonder if brett (maker of berrettos) would be cool with what I’ve built?

I reckon so. Looked sweet from where i was sitting. :mrgreen:

i’ve done a few things to it since u last saw it.
you may not be so impressed anymore!