I Wanna Know You

So I was at the swap meat the other week, meeting people for the first/second/third times and onwards. I realized, with a fair few of you guys and girls that I know faces/names/usernames/bikes, but I can’t match a lot of them up.
My fault, I know. Anyways, I know the Sydney people had a thread like this, and god knows I post enough pics of me, but people, post pics of yourself and your bike!
I mean, ACTUAL pics of yourself.

I’ll lead by example.

Even you shy people, be more open!

I don’t wanna force anyone, it’s just, next time I run into someone and have them be all like ‘oh hey dylan (conversation starts like we’re good mates, but IDK who they are till I figure it out about 2 mins in and I realize we ARE mates via this forum)’

PM me for my bank account details and upon payment I’ll send pics, links and measurements.

Old photo from my modeling days…

EDIT: this photo has been on so many blogs as well as fagsonfixies.com, I don’t care who sees it.

ok here is a few pics of my world …
my ugly mug

my pad

my cat

my work

some of my personal art

my car

ok i shared mr dylan haha

in the biblical sense?

Nice pedicure, Spirito. Is that Love & Beauty’s ‘Rose’?

Pick me.

just a suggestion , maybe change the title of this thread to “NAMES TO FACES”

are you kate moss?

Damn, my cover’s blown…

Me or her? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha are they your red painted nails :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, i see what you did there. Blow…n

By the way I want that T-shirt. Kate Moss is one of my free passes

well, i’m new here… and i live in perth, so i doubt i will ever meet any of you unless i move to melbourne or sydney, but here’s a picture of me anyway.
with a very tastey beer in hand
(note: not that you can tell due to the over exposure, but this was taken in the middle of the bush at about 9am at a doof, and i hadn’t slept. hence the big bags under my eyes haha)

bike pictures will come soon… i just got it and am changing a few things :slight_smile:

^^^ Its fucking Chris Lilley!!

LOL. can’t say i’ve ever had that one before.

Alleycat. Friday. 6pm. Supreme Court Gardens (Behind Council House). Be There.

Here’s myself looking really trendy at RGs in my party shirt.

Here’s my den, my bike, and reason why I wont move out of home.
On Fixed.org of course