If Bumblebee was a Bike

Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike is Out of This World | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

nothing personal, but we need to initiate a rule wherein people who post links to shitty renders of stupid bikes dreamt up by industrial design students are beaten with lengths of knackered chain.

The industrial design fan in the office sent me this earlier…I wanted to beat him the same manner but simply explained “its just another non-functional, non-working, non-workable concept”. Bring back university design and build teams along the lines of the solar powered cars, robot wars, and the like!


and not to labour the point but how is this latest eyesore “green design” (other than it not being a car?)? I couldn’t be arsed reading all of the blurb but presumably if it ever was built is would be out of crabon fibre and aluminium and would carry a battery of some sort, none of those things are especially “green”.

ingsoc? 1984 anyone?

HEre is my new concept for a green bicycle.

It relies on the extrodinary principal that 2 wheels go round and round. It is powered by 2 feet going up and down.

^^ thats some revolutionary shit right there.
Dig the crazy angles too

That other bike gives me piles just lookin at it!

Tight and slack angles would be an interesting ride Martin.

Actually looks like it would wheelie very well.

The geometry may need a little tweaking but i think the concept of such a bicycle has some merit.

This is the type of coment that shits me up the wall.

TrishDSugrFree says:
July 19, 2011 at 5:41 pm

“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen this year. Where do you get one and how much does it cost?”

Geez, some people should just be put down.

Looks like a fucking Dyson on wheels

Agreed, and this coming from someone who studied Industrial Design…
I notice all the closet ID students aren’t commenting in this thread lol

Jeez, a few of these types of posts are in here maybe we need a sticky, or a sub forum :wink:

Seriously though do any of these designers actually ride, that thing doesn’t look like much fun to me.

Whoah boy, we might have an idea for an fixed gear themed video!

i studied ID and i have to agree, that is the most over-designed bike i’ve ever seen

It’s not actually a bike. It’s a fancy cartoon.

did someone say “wheelie”???

I’d ride it.
But seriously which is the front and back?