If Tony Abbott wins the lodge...

This country will suck major balls. Thoughts?

Indeed, but the alternative isn’t great either

A slightly better option is still a better option.

Yes. I’d rather an ego-maniac over religious zealot any day!

Moving to New Zealand


Atleast he rides a bike…

So does every second wanker. Riding a bike doesn’t automatically equal cool dude.

every hipster will vehemently oppose this notion

the general public should have listened at the time and voted for warwick cappa.

Given that there hasn’t ever been a dedicated politics thread here, I always assumed there must have been a mod regulated ‘no politics threads’ rule.
Of course, on the off-chance there isn’t, I assume that xBBx’s PC ban stick has probably weeded out anyone even vaguely right of centre.

That comment was supposed to be a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

I’ll only be happy when Penny Wong is prime-minister.

Would also be happy with Bob Browne.

Even Clover Moore.

They, for me, are the only two decent politicians in the entire Australian system.

PS did anyone watch Q&A the other day?

I was saying to my fiance a while ago that I can’t understand why Penny Wong has never been considered.


You guys are from Perth, thus your opinions are invalid.

Both parties are shit.

Though how you can even moderately stand/support such an outright c__t of a person is beyond me.\

Tony Abbott’s archaic views - YouTube

To follow on from the Penny Wong comment:

Labor led by Wong and Liberals led by Turnbull, then I’d actually be happy.

Expat. From Syd, thus opinion = valid. However, Taking the über-zealous WA Stance, labor must die, carbon tax will destroy our mining industry rah rah rah. But then West Aussies can’t even decide to open shops on Sundays because it will kill retailers (because of their stupid penalty rate laws) and daylight savings fades curtains and causes cows to lactate at the wrong time…

I support the Party and the party’s policies, not the person in charge. Tony Abbott is pathetic and immature and Joe Hockey is worse. These are the political genius’ that respond with ‘That policy is dumb’ -Joe Hockey, late 2011 on Sunrise lol

However, I do not support Labor’s policies and ideals. I support Rudd over Gilliard, and pretty much anyone in LNP over that because of party preference.

I also detest Amdrew Wilkie and his desire to permanently be in the media. Why can’t he just STFU like the other independents such as Bob Katter? Even Nick Xenephon has calmed his shit and stays out of the media.

In saying that, at the last NSW state election, I voted the Shooters Party lol