If Tony Abbott wins the lodge...

I’m with chazhutton. Always thought there was an unspoken (or long ago spoken) rule.

I predict massive shitstorm arguments going nowhere and imminent thread locking. But that’s a lot of thread topics on here.

But on topic, I’ve always thought that it takes a special kind of d-bag to rise to the top on either side of politics, and none of them should be trusted as individuals. Bad people.

Yeah this thread is going to go to the dogs but meh, why not I thought…

Now if we could get hipsters to register to vote, we’re right.

Wong is right.

At least the arguments on here will have more factual basis, coherence and use of common sense than those during question time.

The only good fascist is a dead fascist.

I miss having a Prime Minister who was fun to imitate -

i’m just surprised that abbott has gotten this far without spurting out something like ‘rape victims deserved it’. guy’s tongue must be savaged with bite marks.

Hillbrick are apparently on good terms with him, hence his wearing their kit.

Boycott that shit!


This shit is a media beat up. Kevin is a prick. He was ousted because he was supposedly impossible to work for, thus losing the support of his party. So why would he be re-elected? Just can’t see it happening. The best thing for Labor will be his eventual slide into obscurity.

Abbott will no doubt be flipped shortly before the next election and replaced with a more moderate option - one which is perhaps less of a “Man’s man”? They do that and we’ll have a Coallition Govt, for sure.

way too gazn for the general populace

Tony Abbott (and it will definitely be abbott, save any major foot in mouth situations) will piss in the next election. then we’ll get workchoices 2.0, complete rejection of any renewable energy, maybe install Monckton as environment minister, that fat pig as mining minister, bizarrely the boats will keep coming (who’da thunk that ppl would flee from a warzone that australia is fighting in…?).
what other awesome things are gonna happen?

The libs won’t repeal the carbon tax.


I also love when people talk politics, they always portray their opinion as fact. It makes for amusing reading, especially after events have passed.

definitely FOA’s very own beaker

Can you imagine the headline ‘Australia elects Gay, Asian, Female PM’.? Me either.

Carbon Tax, Stop the boats, Faceless Men, Moving Forward, Working Families…they’re all same these days. I work in News and am deadset over it.

Would Abbott at least improve bike infrastructure if elected?

part of the reason i never completed my Journalism degree was due to the level of sensationalist media bullshit that i thought i would have to put up with/report on. the other part was that i’m not very good at studying…


here i was, thinking that this was actually a pretty well behaved thread, and people were being pretty sensible, and that maybe a politics thread was a pretty good idea… and then the Jams drops “gazn”.

fucken speechless here, peeps.

^quite possibly one of the best south park episodes ever.