If you didn't think fixed gears could get more fashionable...

Urban Outfitters have proved us wrong.

Whizzing around without brakes can do a number on one’s hair. Fortunately, this head-huggin’ elasticized cycle cap, with striped ribbon detailing down the middle, will keep things tame so you can focus on, well, not getting hit by a car. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Imported. Machine wash.

  • 22" circumference

got cliché…

got spew in my mouth…

When i learn how to grow a beard i’ll get one.

you mean about the same time you man-the-fuck-up ???


At least i don’t have ginger hair sprouting from my face :evil:

I wanna be i wanna be i wanna be like Prolly.

fuck yeah, least he dosnt just talk shit on forums, he can actually ride, so i got no problem wanting to be like him :stuck_out_tongue:

plus chicks dig red beards on a brown haired man. more so than black bearded blond/brown haired boys :stuck_out_tongue:

get a room.


haha this goes well with the ‘lady bag’…


+1 internets for you marty :sunglasses:

I reckon more than half the people on this forum would buy that cap if they saw it in a bike shop

(or if they were in urban outfitters and no one was looking)

I admit that could be true… :oops:

hey marty, just letting you know that we have finished your custom build bike…

can you come pick it up this week sometime?

Now I know what’s missing from that pink Gonz Labs bike Campbell was trying to flog …

… a Hello Kitty disc at the back.

I bought some Vans in Urban Outfitters last year.

My excuse? I was in Copenhagen, I had sore feet and couldn’t find a skate shop / sneaker store that sold Vans, so I bougth some Era’s from UO, the next day I found a skate shop with freaking every pair of Vans.

I bought 2 pairs of jeans there, cheap and good, and they have lots of cool toys.