I'm going for a ride...

OK guys, here’s a place to post your spontaneous ride meet-up, in case you want some others to join you.

Kind of like the Rapha Rendezvous App, but without the epic styling.

Keep the chit-chat out of here - just where you’re riding to, what time, and a meet-up point.

I’d go first but I think it’s going to be bucketing down tonight…

If there is a break in the weather my self and the Frag will be hitting a few hills in Bondi.
11 gears and rapha kit so it’ll be a little epic
4.30pm Paris cafe.

I will be riding from Ultimo to Botany about 8pm tonight if anyone wants to come - rain/hail/moonlight

Mid-ride as we speak… Elite trainer in front of tv/dvd combo.

Note: I AM DRY, and will remain dry in this shit house weather!

As per ‘motivation’ thread - I will be riding tomorrow morning 5am in Engadine for an hour if I can hack it. Don’t expect anyone will want to join me. But putting it out there.

Friday morning weather permitting
6am at latteria vic road darlinghurst
Me and the Frag are doing the easten beaches run…
65km of all the hills on the coast line finishing up with an lapas and breaky at remy and lees…
Join us!!

^ Hmm, interesting Kanye… would you consider heading to Lapas first then hitting the beaches on return? That way I might join you.

Yeah I’d probably be in for that too. So I can just do lapa then jet to work.

work/weather permitting, I may join you… Yes you heard right, bringin’ it all the way from the 'burbs!!

will let you know tomorrow arv.

Kool Frag drives in to meet me for our morning rides 4-5 days a week when the sun is out…
This mornings laps of Bellevue road was pretty good stuff…
So it’ll be meet coner of anzc and lend road (I think on the cobbles by the lights) roll lapas then the bra and all the hills to the cross followed by coffee at either R&Ls or latteria…

6am sharp on the cobbles!!

Ok… I’ll aim to meet you corner Fitzgerald Ave and ANZAC Pde at 6.15ish on your way down.

Hey Stef, I will try & be there too. I might not be able to do the whole ride though, as I have to be at work at 8.30am

According to BOM - chance of rainfall 90%, thunderstorms early in the morning. If it is raining I am not coming.

If it rains, I’ll be the guy riding past in Scuba gear.

rain = stay home for me to…

fucken rain… i9 got a new bike and between work and rain it’s done 50km in a week and a 1/2


Pretty much guaranteed not to be there in the morning because of the weather.

I didn’t meet at 6.15am, but I did ride from Botany to work via Maroubra in the rain.


6am gustos on hall street for a few gentle hills…
have to make the most of the break in the weather…

7:30am, SOP train station, same as last time.

mehhh gota work at 9am… it’s 6 or die…