I'm going for a ride...

Hey Steph wana do that eastern beach ride tomorrow morning
Lapas to the city?
I’ll txt ya too
Pretty much the same ride that never happened on Friday if any ones interested

Crix ride tonight from 6:30pm. Will be very gentle, have already done a few kms today

I’m riding early thursday, probably just quick run from my house to cent park and back. Sunday morning, 07:00 til 09:30-ish, maybe Bondi, maybe Anzac Bridge/city, maybe Homebush? The pace will be sedate for you, torture for me.

Kool could do 6.30am on sunday I have to be at work by 9am which means I need to get home by 8.30 at the latest.
Been doing a roll that returns though the 'bra and ha a couple of little climbs very nice early in the morning
If you can roll out a little earlier then I’m in!

Sounds perfect. I can meet you at kiosk for 06:30 or even 06:00 if you prefer.

This is the ride i did this morning, and pretty much the ride I do everyday with a few variations. it is a 28.8 km loop, a couple of hilllllzzzzz. It takes about 1hr 20 mins in total. 55min-1hr before work, 20 min sprint along Botany rd after work.

6am would be fab then we have time for a coffee after…

Perfect. See you then. Expect me to cry a bit.

haha you can have my wheel when you need it!

i’l play nice though…

Thanks, you’re a pal.

Bromance is blossoming…

SK. If it’s raining (prediction for rain and storms) I’m going nowhere.

I’m leaving home in 15 minutes, doing Galston Gorge and return.

Tomorrow morning who’s in.

Tuesday morning. I’m keen for lapa run. Early-ish. 06:00 at kiosk?

Back in nowra, nil dice chum.

I’m riding tomorrow. Midday-ish. Probably Lapa if traffic not a disaster, or just a few laps of the park. Text me if you want to come.

What days are you working these days Duncan?

It depends. Most weekends I work one day. Only doing four days per week. Usually have a day or two off in the week.

Noted. Gonna try and have some days free post-Xmas/New Year. Keen for rides to beach etc…