I'm going for a ride...

Should be studying, but I’m in!

Some riding over the holidays sounds good too.

I might ride with the MC Cyclery Folks on Sunday morning.

I could probably do that Duncan. I’m also going to ride somewhere tomorrow morning, not hills with Zak/Frag though. Something nice and slow as I’ve been off all week resting my knee.

Awesome. See you sunday. It’ll be great to ride with you.

I have tomorrow (friday) off. Noting the weather lately I plan on riding in the morning, letting it rain, then maybe a ride later in the afternoon/early in the evening before it rains again. Routes as yet undetermined, happy for people to accompany me and provide suggestions on where to go.

i am up for a ride in the morning if it nice out, i have not been on my bike all week and need to ride.

gustos 6am bondi…
frag and terence

No hills thanks. But where do you finish up for coffee afterwards?

cafe paris for eggs and coffee

it’s pretty much this ride.

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about 7.30 depending on how late frag and T are

So I’ll be getting a lesson from the old guys at MCC tomorrow at 07:00. Anyone else interested? If raining I’ll leave the bike at home and go for a run.

wtf is that? Something English?

I might ride with Evan tomorrow, assuming no rain.

Working, no dice. tears

so going out on the beers tonight, NICE!

I know. Trying to balance out the war of the VMO and the quad. It’ll be triathlons next.

Riding Sunday, 730 AM. Galston x many or Galston + Berowra.

Had good intentions, but by the time I got Rach from the motherfuckin’ boat, got on the bus and got home, it’s now nearly 2am. So no early ride for me, sadly.

isn’t this the “i’m going for a ride” thread not the “i’m making an excuse for not riding” thread?


OMG, LOL!! Nice one, you really showed me!

Putting it out there again: the crits are on in Parramatta this Thurs night, if anyone wants to join me for the ride out from the city let me know. Meeting Ev out there for beers/bike race/shit talking.

I’ll see if I can make it. What’s your expected time/distance for riding out to Parramatta?