I'm not really an AFL fan but ....

I really want the Magpies to win this weekend, just becoz. And can we have a result in the first game this time?

agreed on the latter, but the former? come on!

Really. I like 'em. I like Carlton, Essendon & the Crows too.
Bulldogs, Swans and Hawthorn can go get stuffed. Geelong? Who cares about Geelong?

Agreed in toto.

My gf says that a customer asked to bring his tv into her tattoo shop so he could watch it. She says no.

did someone say Toto?

Hold the line…

So glad Adelaide isn’t in it.

Less drunk f-wits prowling the streets.

yeah COME ON!!

That’s funny.

Me went to watch the Manly vs. Bronco’s preliminary final for the Rugby League here in Sydney. It’d been a while since I’d been subjected to boganism/footy heads en masse and I was quite taken aback. Seemed they came from a different planet to where I’d been and I felt at odds to the majority of those in the stadium even tough I was there for presumably the same reason.

I wanted the Bronco’s to win … primarily for Locky. Now I want the Warriors to win just because they’re outsiders and (I’m supposed to be against Manly because I’m a Souths fan). I do think the Manly halves (Chery-Evans, Foran) are exciting and I like Watmough … but that’s another thread.

Up the Pies!!

i dont want warriors to win because they beat the tigers =(

being perth everyone is etiher AFL or Union.

sucks balls

I am torn on the league. NZ are going to s**t in the rugby union world cup so it doesn’t seem fair for kiwis to have it all to boast about. but manly? come on…

I was surprised at that too. I was enjoying everything the Tigers were doing but they kind afell asleep in that game and genuinely looked shocked that they lost.

I think it’ll be a good game whoever wins. Sorry you are in a league of your own in WA.

i cannot disassociate my unmitigated hatred of eddie mcguire from the team. which is a shame as some of the players seem ok.

i couldn’t really give a shit, but follow the “ABC” rule.


Hot Pies!

the only team i hate more than collingwood is essendon so i’ll be going for the cats like they were my own team.

(although buckley is my most hated person in football so the pies might overtake the bombers next year as my most hated team)

but collingwood comes before geelong…wait, the OTHER abc rule. gotcha!

hang on, one of the geelong players changed his name to WHISKAS for a game, so both are unbackable.

I love the Cats, Geelong is my spiritual home.