im sick of eating the same food at the same places..

please, recommend me some places to eat in melbourne…
ive been here two years, and im getting pretty lazy about where i eat these days…

i dont care what kind of food, as long as it tastes great, and isnt owned by a celebrity chef…

tell us where you regular so it’s easy not to double up.

Also what side of town you’re on.

breakfast/lunch or dinner?

Qas just introduced to Don Don (swanston and lt latrobe?). Cheap and quick Japanese food perfect for the cyclist on the go

i heard laksa king is ‘da bomb’

im in carlton/fitzroy… dont mind crossing the river for good food though…
breakfast lunch and dinner and everything in between, please!


i’m all about vietnamese on victoria st richmond at the moment. tom phat on sydney road in brunswick is also great, but closed on mon and tue

Also… Bunnings sausage sizzle FTMFW.

Green Field on Sydney Rd near Albert St.

macca’s kfc HJs pizza hut dominos.
what do you like eating, where do you currently eat?

Please, continue…

man, i dunno what half the restaurant names are, but i’m yet to eat at a bad one. try minh minh, thanh thanh, thi ninh (not sure if this is the right place, but there’s about 7 of them or something ridiculous), binh minh

good times

High Tech Burrito on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn.
I go there twice a week on average.

Pho Chu… believe.

Little Deer Tracks in Coburg is my cafe of the month.

Swiss Club, Flinders Lane for schitties and fondue.

Cafe Lalibella in Foot-a-scray for wicked Ethiopian feasts.

Supper Inn, Chinatown for “I know a little place” smugness… to be fair, the hot pots there are pretty special.

Korea Palace… somewhere in the city for korean rice wine that makes you forget where the place is.

I was also pleasantly surprised with Ponyfish Island - nice food, good prices, friendly staff.