In it for the LOLZ

so, i personally think this is a fucking wank. im all for people having a craft etc, but come on!?

if you watch this, at first, you will think ‘oh fuck yeh, these dudes have beards, they are fucking rad, siiiick’ but that will change right at the point when he says we transport via sail boats.




like yeah i can see where your coming from,

but i think its pretty rad.

gene… he actually said ‘we take the burlap sack and place them on our big butcher block table’…

And we wrap our fresh chocolate with uncovered mouths, hair, fingers and beards.

cmon tom, these guys are just young artisanals. Nothing wrong with that. After all, don’t we get around on fixies, crafting coffees?

ps. I didn’t watch the videos.

HA yeah, this has turned me off all boutique chocolate now ha ha machine wrapped Cadbury for me Kthx.

I prefer my boutique chocolate without beard.
Would try, though.
Good production tastes so damn good anyways, hard to noticeably better what’s already good.

i like boats.

Bearded chocolate making hipsters. They ride 650Bs.


sorry, just pissed me off… thats all.

you can’t be cross about artisanals, they are living the dream.

let me feel my feelings, James


tom, get back to crafting people some delicious lattes already…

and put on one of those little beanies that people wear towards the back of their head, i think it’d suit you.

I didn’t last that long- if true lol

And the beards are fucking stupid, grow up.

“Artisanal” sounds like a backhanded compliment. You’re anal about your art? Oh, thats nice.

like if you were a combination between an analyst and a therapist?

so. fucking. awesome!

favourite youtube comment
“they sell this really cool type of chocolate. it’s an obscure underground chocolate though, you’ve probably never heard of it”

i will, but i just have to wait for my beans to arrive from Guatemala… They should be here already but swimming camels do take their time these days…

…oh fuck, could you imagine!?