In it for the LOLZ

Those tossers remind me of some of the hardcore hombrew types I used to consort with. Handmade blah,blah, lovingly crafted blah,blah. No gloves used in the packing either, yeeuuck!

I don’t mind them.
I feel like some of that chocolate now.
Wrapping it by hand would be so fucking tedious…


It’s not the wrapping, it’s the individual sorting that Would be tedious. Wtf is with that lol!

then go to Coles and get some dairy milk.

… or buy this stuff.


Don’t know what the aversion to no gloves is. High end chef’s use their hands for prepping and making food, yet underpaid teenagers working in fast food joints and poorly paid immigrant workers handling food use gloves. In my opinion gloves don’t improve hygiene standards but society says they’re a must for poorly paid workers. You’re more likely to get sick from the food not being stored correctly or at the wrong temperature than from people with bare hands handling your food. People who are passionate about food and work at a professional level have been trained and all understand the need for clean hands and personal hygiene with regard to handling food.

The sandwich place where I get lunch from sometimes has a good system. The staff wear a rubber glove on one hand, for cutting up chicken etc. Then they use that same rubber-gloved-hand to take people’s money and open the til etc. Not sure what the bare hand is for.

anyway, BikeSnob took the piss out of these guys well over 6 months ago.
and youse call yourselves hipsters. get up to date

Picking their nose.

My oncologist examines my nether regions with his bare hands, then gives them a right good washing ( his hands, not my sack). Not sure if he wears gloves to make sandwiches.

what does this have to do with bikes?

Beardy hipsters. The bike riding is assumed.

I like seeing people dig in the till with the gloved hand. I think they think the glove is for their protection from the food. Like their hand is some sort of bubble boy needing protection!

You’re new here, aren’t you?


Here’s my favorite bearded guy.

^that’s not me…?

This. You can almost guess the frame and smugly chosen parts they curated their bikes with. In fact I’d guess they ride a vintage road bike with Campagnolo, obviously. Brooks saddle, can’t decide.

I’d have a lot more respect for them if their company was the VOC and this was 1628.

I really want chocolate now… Even if it has beard in it. I’m gonna get some chocolate.

Will all this passion for the coco bean how do they have passion left over for choosing bike parts.