In Rod We Trust! - Delica content inside


Some of you will have had the pleasure of meeting Rod (rcoh), if not, you would have benefited from his knowledge of delicas, the importance of quitting your job and improving your lifestyle for you and your loved ones, his Beastie Boys anecdotes and audio recordings provided from the ABC, Simpsons jokes, video store boostering plus his committment to Bad Religon.

Rod has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, his treatment and recovery is going to involve a lot of time away from work and home. It’s all very well to send e-hugs and supportive messages, but Rod will need to hire someone to staff the store, babysitters to look after the kids, cover unexpected travel and also eat when the last thing you want to do after a day of being in a hospital is cook.

So if you can spare a little ramen money, please kick it in here for Rod. He would never ask for help and is probably very embarrassed that we are doing this, but if the #foamafia is a thing, then prove it when it matters:



Well that’s the easiest decision I’ll make all day.



Also, let this be your periodical reminder to have you (or a friend) check your body for lumps and bumps, and if you find anything untoward, go to a doctor.



Rod sent me a Burzum shirt once, wouldn’t accept payment. Legend.



Great response on the first day, thanks to everyone for contributing and spreading the word.



Well done on organising this. You’re a good bunch.

Here’s a pic from the ride Rod organised in Sydney just prior to leaving us for Bellingen. Was a great day, would be a good one to again, I guess not this summer but definitely next.



Nice one organising this. I’m gonna sell some bike parts and donate some $$$



Double post



Done, can’t think of a better cause



Best money spent in a long while.

Get well soon rcoh xo



Hi Everyone - I’ve kind of put off replying to this thread because I don’t really know what to say, except thank you all so much.

I owe cycling a lot - from the great crew I met racing MTBs through Farkin and Western Sydney MTB Club, and following that when I stopped racing all the amazing people I have made friends with through FOA.

As for this cancer business, I hope to get through it as easily as possible. My surgery is on 5/3, and I have had all the pre-surgery scans & tests. I meet with the surgeon and oncologist next tuesday to discuss results of said tests and look at treatment options for post surgery. Best case scenario is surgery + hormone treatment, meaning the cancer is entirely localised in my breast, at this time of year, at this time of day in this part of the country. Radio therapy and chemo therapy come into play if it has spread further, to my lymph nodes or elsewhere.

Anyway - thanks again for everything - you really are a wonderful bunch of people. I have learnt a lot and laughed a lot with the FOA crew from around Australia over the years, and the site has a very positive impact on my life, now more so than ever.