Indian Pacific Wheelrace


Pretty dumb race but I do enjoy watching the little dots!!

Is Lewis gonna give this a crack next year?

I saw them in the hills yesterday morning, they were making good time considering what is ahead of them.

that’s an insane number of kms in the first day.


I barely drove further than that the first day of my Nullabor crossing


ppl sure do have a boner for durianrider if the incessant pleas on instagram to fix his spot tracker are anything to go by…

I don’t follow him but just checked in and it looks like he has pulled out.

An internet famous vegan. both his trackers died.

Hit by car the day before race start.

Sorry, misread something, it was 3 weeks before race start.

JC (my pick for the win) just dropped due to abdominal injuries :frowning:

Yeh I can’t​believe how many people love him.
A guy I camped with last weekend tried to assure me he’s a really good guy and the a-hole persona is just to get attention and make money, but I don’t think you can pretend to be that much of an a-hole.

Couldn’t source enough bananas in the petrol stations along the way?


Ny money is Kristof for the win. The dude is a freak. I honestly don’t think anyone will be able to hold him across the desert.

Man, it’s a loooong way to Sydney and Mike and Steffen are serious hitters. A lot can happen in a couple weeks of riding.

Gutted for JC!

Yeah i understand how long it is, I’m not trying to call it early either. Just my opinion on how I think it may play out.

Er wut?