Indian Pacific Wheelrace

Kristof has slowed dramatically…

Don’t you know about that massive climb on the Nullabor?

instagram link of the a-hole you were talking about above???

Looks like he’s off again now…

this race is off rails. i could barely drive across the nullaboor


^ correct. he’s a youtube sensation too Rhino if you’re after the full a-hole experience

Do yourself a favour and don’t bother looking at anything that guy has done ever. You can thank me later.

durian and maven are internet pests. but… they are bringing a lot of attention to the event and some very stellar humans who are actually up to the challenge ahead of them (be it going for 1st or simply completing it).

mike hall is already reporting some physical issues (which is huge). but as everyone always says… theres a lot of kms to go and its not whether something goes wrong its how you deal with it when it does.

Good to see Sarah Hammond, Vasiliki and Jackie Bernardi giving the men a bit of go.

I’m always amused at the backseat analysis provided by the internet… ‘they went out too fast’, ‘they should drink more water’, ‘DR would have won it’.

The 3 day mark is looming… IMO thats when you start to see a big wave of dropouts.

Gutted that JC had to pull out but his issues are serious and if they reappeared then its most definitely the smart move.


Have heard some absolutely hilarious stories about his early history from Will @ Commuter as he knew him from his couriering days (DR was a walker, Will was on a bike). He actually does have a long history of stupid long riding… but pre-banana/rawlyf.

‘why are they wearing double shorts?!’

Yeah, armchair commentary on this kind of thing is pretty ridic. Even the “slow” riders are doing more every day than I’ve ever done even once, I can’t get my head around doing it day after day for several weeks…

People need to stfu.

Don’t forget Juju = Juliana Buhring, probably the most experienced female rider in the race. They’re all still in the mix.

im in awe at the ability to eat truck stop food and keep your guts right. still early days i guess.

This is almost as challenging as the actual kms I reckon. Eating enough and not feeling like shit.

I ‘think’ so they can hold more stuff (ie: have a belt which you can hang stuff off and pockets to put things into. Good for MTB/Off-road but road riding…don’t know sorry.

absolutely. I know i used to feel rat shit after a four hour road race. Admittedly that is higher intensity and usually more sugar based sports food but still. The sheer amount they would be eating, and how repetitive it will seem in a few days I reckon would be pretty psychologically crushing.

This is the one thing my body is good at (processing crap food day after day and not feeling shit). I’m sure the time will come when my body says ‘nope, fuck off’ though :expressionless:

I can’t comprehend riding day in, day out with so little/no sleep. I very quickly go delirious, ha!