Indian Pacific Wheelrace

The double shorts makes no sense at all.

HTFU what do u think truckers and tradies eat day in day out.

hitch hikers?

Only in Wolf Creek.

No one mentioned bongs and icebreaks mate

^^ ha! so good :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying following along, too. The race is good, but this thread is also good.


Lol lol lol only funny because true.

Yet I keep following him on Insta for some reason… guilty pleasure

so scratched riders have a line through them, but can someone explain why there’s a ton of riders ‘greyed out’ in the rider list? faulty frackers?

Means their tracker has been idle for X number of hours.
Likely sleeping, or their tracker is dead.

roger that. thanks.

Or they are dead and a psycho has attached their tracker to a kangaroo which has led the cycling tips car into the desert.


totally my bad… missed her in my scan of the progress yesterday. it’s awesome!

its definitely one of the things they train on beforehand. but its also not uncommon for a mid-race spew (like shorter racing), especially when playing ‘truck stop roulette’ with the sandwiches and adding in delayed consumption (see: JC and his ‘liquid turkey sandwich’ on TransAm). hearing stories about how the body starts behaving after 2 weeks of super high sugar US gas station food is kinda scary, but its burning calories at such a high rate you dont notice an issue until you arent riding for 16-22hrs/day.

again… post-race this creates a lot of issues. the sugar and caffiene comedown is reportedly very intense. GP talked about the bloating and constant thirst he had for a week or so after TD. JC will often only eat fresh/steamed vegetables after a long haul to ‘reset’ his system.

“We aren’t doing aerobics” - JC 2014-17
comfort plays a big part. similar reason why you will see a few people wearing tshirts and not jerseys out there. its also increasingly common to not have the straps of your bibs on.

re: bongs - the use of weed is somewhat common in this kind of event (see also ultra-running). the rise of edibles and oils makes it easier.

Ol’mate CJell Money is a wicked stoner.

Ben mentioned in one of his latest posts about his previous servo dinner being “sprayed across a 15km stretch of highway”…

JC’s answer makes me think that looks also play a big part. Something to differentiate yourself from the usual roadie look.

Straps off - I do it sometimes, generally off the bike to ‘air things out’ a bit. But riding - I can’t see how it helps comfort, unless your straps are too short.

lolz, I obvs understand why (and embrace said lifestyle)
I was just infuriated that every second comment on social media was discussing short choice on day one.

First time I’ve witnessed Mike Hall stop all race. Looks like he’s moving again, woo!

And every other second comment was asking about DR