Indoor Trainers

I am not getting in as much riding as I would like and it is having an affect on my health - I am looking into the indoor trainer side of things at the moment. Does anyone have experience with a good bang for buck trainer to use, and any information on to how to get the best out of it (training videos, sufferfest etc.).

This was recently brought to my attention and am a little confused about what I actually need to get this happening.

Also, as far as how some of the trainers attached to the bike - does this put any stress on the hubs etc?

Keen on zwift myself but my graphics card isn’t up tp it to so will have to wait for laptop upgrade
From my reading on it, so long as you have an ANT+ doova you are right to go in some capacity.
Re trainers, yes you want a metal skewer, not the plastic-ended ones. Maybe a dedicated tyre too.

jet fluid or rollers! dunno if i’d wanna play ‘MMO’ on the trainer that’s kinda weird but whatever gets you riding

Hey Ezy I’m linking a couple recent discussions from the VCC forum:

Other than that I can’t contribute much.

I’ve had a Lemond for about 3 years now and would highly recommend. I see 10 speed ones going cheap quite often so they’re pretty good value for money too. The one gripe people seem to have with them is how loud they can be.


It’s an indoor trainer recommendation, unsure which part is confusing though.

sorry, i can’t hear you… You will have to write in caps if i am going to hear you over your indoor trainer recommendation!

Yeah it’s a bit like that but for me the trade of is worth it, of all the trainers I have ever been on the Lemond is the one that feels most similar to riding on the road.

I don’t use them a whole lot, but I’m a big fan of rollers. Great for your balance and leg speed, very quick and simple to setup, less boring to ride than a trainer.

Only downside is the lack of resistance adjustment, but I believe that’s available these days.

Aluminium is better than plastic, parabolic ones are unnecessary, and Kreitlers are the gold standard.

I have used tacx a lot and did sell them and never had a drama or one returned.
I just did an hour on swift and its great,
If you have a garmin, speed and cadence and a garmin dongle you can use any trainer.
This will limit you to not have the trainer control your resistence or give you watts but thats fine

This is a good start for a computer/smart trainers.

At the end of the day Zwift and my Wahoo Kickr has made training fun again and it’s getting me ready for cries again after months of nothing.

That joke would have killed at the Dad Joke Convention.
Probably also works better in person…

Ezy, I have an elite qubo fluid trainer. I’ve been pretty happy with it. I use it inside our apartment, and noise isn’t too bad due to it being a fluid unit and the roller has something they call elastogel which I guess makes it a quieter surface. I’ve never used a trainer tyre but I imagine that would help even further.

It doesn’t have resistance control like a lot of others, and just relies on your body weight and whatever gear you select to provide resistance. You’re more than welcome to borrow it for a few weeks and see if you like it. I really don’t use it much, and am sort of relying on being in the gym a lot to keep me in reasonable shape during the winter.

Dayne, what do you think of the kickr?

It’s unreal, I can’t fault it in any way other than these power trainers are really home trainers you couldn’t take it to a race to warm up.

You mean your wife doesn’t drive you down to the races in the Team AGS camper and set up the wahoo connected to a generator?

I had a Lemond, and now have a Wahoo.
The Lemond was so much better in actual ‘road feel’ and overall stability.
And it’s not even that much louder than a a wahoo. Lemond was a deeper sound, and the wahoo has an annoying high pitch sound. So both are noisy regardless of what anyone tells you.
If/ when Lemond develop a computer operated ergo mode like the Wahoo, then it will be unstoppable.

I like the idea of the lemond but living in an apartment makes it a little less desirable. Are walls seem to be pretty thick but even still. If I wanted to get up early and do it before work I don’t my girlfriend would be terribly impressed…and I guess the computer operated part/power is a nice feature of the wahoo. Although you could buy a stages and a lemond and then have power all the time for roughly the same price.

I used a lemond in my apartment. No dramas, but yeah early in the morning while someone is sleeping is not ideal.

My wahoo is only bike noise really and miles quieter than a lemond, when I did efforts on a lemond it sounded like a jet taking off.

I think I could almost justify a wahoo in Canberra given how hard it is to ride in the morning. My garmin routinely reads -5. I think they’re not probably super accurate but it’s pretty rough going and I am yet to find a good enough set of gloves that arent my pipe gloves that will stop that sort of cold.