infinite darkness!

Wow I like the look of this.

super nice…

you want an o-ring kit? :wink:

Dont leave us hanging,
What’s the specs and weight.


your fave bike thus far?

Wow, this classy. Yep full specs and pics please

your soundtrack:

c59 56 trad nero frameset, colnago nero post, custom painted deda zero100 stem, deda newton bars, full super record titanium(chorus cassette…because i’m smart), enve SMART SES 3.4 wheels(with destickered 240 hubs, have record to mavic OP CDs for rainy days), corsa cx tyres, slr carbon saddle, black titanium bolts throughout. about 6.4kg, haven’t weighed it or ridden it. haven’t even cleaned the packing grease off the chain. i’m about to go to a 21st, but i’ll ride it on saturday (slowly, legs are still tanked from IM on sunday) and let everyone know how happy i am:p

Nice saddle- handelbar drop, very Pro.
Stealth Deda stem?? Is that a limited edition thing?


custom paint done by steve at sun graphics, the guy is awesome

Custom paint? Don’t they come stock that colour? I am confused.

mr david, is the black flat, matte or satin?

Hav I seen this in Sydney (Darlinghurst?)?

the stem, not the frame

frame is matt, with gloss bits

nope, i’m in melbourne and it hasn’t been to sydney yet

thanks everyone, going to flog it tomorrow

Well this is fuckin awesome.

Lollin. I was going to write this too. I think I have seen eight million of them in Darlinghurst. Not hatin, just sayin. Better than seeing eight million Treks.

Yeah this thing is so nice and makes me want to repaint my s works.