Integrated Seatpost Length

Hey guys,

First off, yes I’ve searched here, and yes I’ve searched google but with no conclusive results.

I’m interested in a fuji track pro (yes, the one in the for sale section), the model with integrated seatpost. After trying it out with the seat clamp at the very (read very, very) top, it feels like it’s about perfect. Also measured up with the old heel on the pedal at the bottom of the stroke with a straight leg. However, I’m worried that a few weeks down the track (pun intended) I may for some reason need it higher. While this is not likely, I want to avoid it if possible.

Is there any way of effectively lengthening an integrated seatpost? I’m thinking perhaps a longer seat clamp, but I have not been able to find one online.


if you’re not 100% on your position, do not purchase.

That’s my current status, hence chasing up a seat clamp with maybe 10mm more

imho (which is internet slang for “i’m a ho”), one should steer clear of integrated seatposts. even the pros change their saddle height occasionally. ever seen a sunday in hell? and how often have you felt like you would’ve had more power, if it weren’t for that doggone seatpost flex?

my calves don’t generate that kind of power.

Often those intergrated post’s will come with some spacers you can fit internally between the frame and post to raise it a cm or so.

There is a good couple of cms of adjustment with an ISP.

Did you miss the part where the OP said he tried the frame and currently has the post at the “very, very top”.

Read -> Comprehend -> Post.

In my experience with integrated posts (which is none at all) i would consider it a risk to be comfortable only at the higher setting. A change in cleats/shoes etc can require an adjustment, and being, like, 3mm off would be an outrageous turn of events.

There is a reason why a very well known frame builder changed their top of the line frames from ISP to removable seatposts a couple of years ago, and then tried to sell the ISP versions at rock bottom prices!!!
The Fuji pro is a great buy, they are good value, they are always discounted because anyone in the know would not but a track bike with an isp !! Just not a good idea on a bike- ever!!!


I thought it was ‘I make Horatio orgasm’, my mistake.

i have a fuji track pro, bought new, and had it cut by commuter to match the height of my previous track bike.

my back was hurting so i got a fit by Dr Dom. he actually raised the seat by 1cm (thankfully there’s a small amount of adjustment with the ISP/clamp and it wasn’t an issue). i was told to stretch and haven’t had any issues.

but if you’re at the absolute limit of what is available, i would be very cautious. measure everything on it and compare it to your current setup, or ask if you can borrow it to get a fit done, and will purchase if deemed suitable…

my fuji track pro with ISP owner’s 2c

also, check Goldcross. maybe they’ve still got some on sale for $600…

yeah, can’t hurt.

Did you miss the part where I quoted Brendan?

By the way, you’re missing a question mark.

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Perhaps so, but apparantely the main reason these frames were heavily discounted was because they stuffed up the chain stay and you could only fit on a 45t chainring.

what year? my 09 FTP has a 49t on it at present…

Not sure… appears to be more recent than that. There was one on Aus ebay a few months ago that had this problem.

See here. Note, it’s not defective in the crack, crash and die kind of way.

just read the thread for the one chimpy is looking at, 49t so no issue there.

definitely worth calling around all the goldcross stores and double checking, save yourself $250 and has a 12 month warranty if any ‘issues’ arise.

sorry snood!!