Interesting diet choices?

Not of the weight-losing variety.

Being vegetarian or vegan is par for the course around here - So this is for those who are doing things that are different - Perhaps paleo, raw, macro, etc?

Anyone onto something interesting? Not looking for debate, just interested in what others might be up to.

i don’t like nuts.

so this week i’m eating a lot, and then hopefully in the near future i’ll like nuts.

it worked with gin and beer, and if it works with nuts i’ll try it with pumpkin.

I’m thinking of restarting my favorite diet of toast and black coffee for breakfast, Sushi for lunch and Martini’s (with 3 olives) for dinner. It’s slimming and pretentious, which appeals to me.

I didn’t realise you worked in advertising :stuck_out_tongue:

im on an ‘animal based diet’
I have a few vegan/vego friends (My wife is a vegetarian). so im often the odd one out, which in turn makes me overly defensive of the meat heavy diet.

Anyway my question to any anthropologist/dietitians (looking at you HMC) in the forums is; If vegetables and grains are a necessary part of a healthy diet, What do you make of Innuits who have NO vegetable or grains to speak of, who can only eat just fish, and seal shit.
is that a healthy diet? whats with that shit? seriously?

Also that paleo diet sounds pretty appealing and delicious (even though its bunkum)

Love meat but try not to eat ocean caught seafood unless i catch it due to non renewable practices.

If i could i would like to eat locally farmed meat so that i knew where how it lived and was killed but do have a good local butcher that sources from one place.

Also no alcohol or smokes weird to some works for me.

I’ve recently started the “Nutella in porridge every morning post ride” diet.

i haven’t eaten mammals for >10 years. it was meant to be the first step to vego. but i still eat chicken pretty regularly and fish every now and then. also i order duck pretty regularly if its on the menu when i’m out. dduck is the king of meats.
that said i’d like to go vego eventually for environmental/ethical reasons, but goddamn poultry is tasty.

I’m on an only-bread from 8-5 diet. Very slimming.

I try and keep it seasonal. Winter is for hearty, red wines and port. Summer is for white wines and cold beer. Spirits, on the other hand, can be drunk all year round.

i,m on the paleo diet, i get lots of energy and it tones me up, the wife loves it. my moto, be the caveman.

Tried this with seafood. Did. Not. Work.

I just need to eat more fruits.

hmc lives on coles homebrand garlic bread and juice of orange.

Really? Poll please.

+1 for nutella in porridge. Nutella FTW.

people on this web site forget that not every one here is from Melbourne… they would be quite appalled to learn that we don’t all wear fred perry and or have (like) beards either!!

i’m not drinking wine or beer at home, vanilla martinis and vodka on the rocks only at our house…

I had to google fred perry… and i’m quite certain, i do not know a single person that dresses in polo shirts. as for the beards… well…

vanilla martinis…

haha bloody iphone catchs me out some times…
vanilla martinis are mostly 3 shot of vodka and half a vanilla pod… very good, but a little strong…

it’s his expensive flannel shirts that are popular in this country more than the polo shirts…

That’s what I eat.