Interesting diet choices?

You know me, and I wear them with my bootcut jeans and my ratty zip up hoodies when I’m at work.
Otherwise, eww, if i’m gonna have a collar, I’m gonna wear a proper shirt!

Anyway, my diet is the ‘sugar and preservatives’ diet, where I only eat sugary things and drink energy drinks.

brendan, Pip!, tomhall, ben. these are members i can think of who i’ve seen polo-clad. you know at least one of them, right?

I know all of them - Guess I’m not hanging out with them at the right times… Actually, now that I think of it, xbx had a polo on at the rollers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Vegans Fred Perry and beards are not very sydney…
There is a Fred Perry store in the strand arcade though…

Has anyone tried green lemonade? Apparently it’s supposed to be reeaally healthy for you. It’s a recipe from some raw food recipe book and has some weird ingredients in it, but I’m pretty keen to try it.

For those that didn’t go to the link, it’s a drink you blend up using romaine lettuce, kale, apples, celery, lemons and ginger root. I’ve seen a few videos of people using slightly different ingredients but that’s pretty much it.

that video was pretty funny.

Drink actually looks okay though

Anyone got any diet tips to gain weight? xD eating bad food doesn’t work :frowning:

Work out… Or lots of weight gain proten powder, late night carb loading and dont ride ya bike…
Drinking shit loads of beer too but you’ll get fat not just gain weight…

latley im all about porridge and musli for breakfast, followed by 2 poached eggs on toast for 2nd breakfast, lunch and dinner i hardley ever eat at home due to my working hours, but if im at home its normally either a mexican chilli, curry or soup

im vego and have a beard, but to be fair ive had a beard pretty consistently for the last 5 years… and have lived in melbourne less than 1, and hell no i dont wear polo shirts or flannel…

but to get back on topic my old house mat is a massive raw-foodest and his girlfriend is a strict vegan, their diet combined was pretty amazing and sooo healthy/delicious, its what made me buy a $250 blender and im huge into shakes when i can be bother’d sourcing all the ingredients

Why the fuck does Shortsie think I’m a dietician?

I have the same body type the worse i eat the thinner i get i have found eat well and eat lots of protein and carbs.
If you cant eat enough hit a 50/50 protein carb supplement.
This will help build mass if you want to build lean muscle go a lower carb %.

fatguyazi - steady diet of EVERYTHING

This has the potential to be life-changing. I only just started putting sultanas in my porridge, nutella is next-level shit.

this is fucking shit hot.

Do you soak the sultanas and oats the night before?? Give it a shot, the sultanas become like little explosions of flavour in your mouth.

add nuts to your pre-soak (almonds and walnuts are best) and you will thank me.

cinnamon is a must as well.

while nutella is awesome, getting your sugar from natural sources is better foryour energy levels i believe.

No dude, dont you know a bit about history/anthropology

Aint no motherfuckn dietician motherfucker. you crazy

haha kinda, i guess. I have no answer for your problems. I do know that Innuit people eat so much fish that their blood is super thin and often doesn’t stop bleeding when they cut themselves.

I mostly add sultanas, chopped dates and apricots, shredded coconut, dried cranberries, goji berries etc, as well as cinnamon and palm sugar. Porridge or quinoa is a great energy start up for the day. I just wish I had time to make it most mornings.

said the designer to the architect…

nice to have you back, brad. were you and shortsie missing the old days or something?

A balanced diet of everything for me and been off the grog since NYE and feel great. Alcohol is the devil for weight gain when you get older!