International shipping / courier/ postage / freight forwarding thread

yeah so i have read other threads and i seems as though people have used a mix of USPS, direct account holders of UPS/FexEx etc and freight forwarders (Bongo, Shipito, MyUs).

Because the box can’t get down to 79" (AU limit on Standard parcel post from US), it has to go “Global Express Guaranteed GXG” and been quoted $340 from USPS.

anyone got some recent experience that might help, or be able to suggest/ help out?

many thanks in advance

[li]phone a friend who’s flying over soon and get them to pay the excess baggage fee. [/li][li]email your buddy who’s large company has an account with fedex etc and access to discounted rates [/li][li]suck it up and pay it. [/li][/ul]

like you’ve said, we’ve been over this before, recently even, it doesn’t really warrant another thread.

Old threads in order of date for reference before I lock this one:
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Is that frame only, or complete bike?
For a complete bike, that’s actually an okay price.

Thread stickied. All international (and maybe even domestic) shipping info to be contained in this thread. Other threads will be deleted/locked.

Bummer, I flew in the same day this was posted. For future reference I have some family visiting the states and going back to Melbourne sometime in November. :confused:

So I sussed and this seems to be the latest shipping thread. Just looking for advice on shipping a roadie from perth to townsville, ideally cheap!

Anyone got recommendations for sending big stuff overseas? Need to send a snowboard. And might need to send a bike soon.

Pack and send? Auspost measurement limits are too small.