Introduce yourself thread!

Hi! I am new to the board and I just wanted to introduce myself. Maybe you can all introduce yourself back so we can kind of get to know each other?
Loving the cycling. I am excited to connect with all of you. Looking for great support from you guys, but also looking to contribute to this community.

Nice meeting you all people!

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If we’re gonna do this, do it right. Copy/paste/fill it in


I’m going to guess your name is david… so whats up david. I’m paul. welcome lol

I think this is a good thread idea, but might be worth adding where you’re at, what you ride, what else you’re interested in and how long your beard is, etc.

I’ll jump in because I’m pretty new here.

Name: Dan
Location: Brisbane South Side
Bike: China fixie, Merida 29er MTB, Specialised Tarmac SL2 roady (for sale to fund a track bike)
Beard: N/A (not achievable), I’m a year off 30 and can’t grow facial hair.
ETC: Planning to race for fun, track and cx.

Hi Dan,

Beard is a state of mind.

I’m on board, pretty new here too, bought a couple of bits and pieces off people and looking to get a bit more involved

Name: Jake
Location: Brunswick West, the least hipster of the Brunswicks.
Bike: Masi Fixed for the Commute, Bianchi Super Pista in bits, Giant TCR Advanced 2 for the longuns.
Beard: Dependent on mood.
ETC: Pub rides, weekend rides, keen for some events

That’s what I thought at 32, until:

Then I let it happen.

whether red or not, just grow a beard.

i’ve recently finished 9 months doing the ‘grow-what-you-got’, cheeks were very scraggly, have some weird bald patches between my lips and chin, but still #feelsgoodman

Name: Luke
Location: Brunswick West
Bike: SE Lager w/ Cinelli cockpit & handbuilt wheels from Jetnikoff
Beard: Distinguished
ETC: Only have & ride one bike. Ride it everywhere. 1:20? yup. Mordialloc? yep. Adelaide? you betcha.
Shoot photos, make videos, drink beers, ride bikes.
suitable links in the signiature.

Absolutely agree - beard is a state of mind.

Name: cam
Location:formerly Melbs now the central coast nsw
Bike: pake rum runner fixed,china ss, avanti ht ss mtb, giant athem x 1 29er, forgotten bike co seducer bmx. Malvern star ss, mongoose bmx
Beard:had one but shaved it…

ETC:mountain bike rides, XC trail road, fixed gear road.


Name: I have two. Alex… or Sasha, depending on how you know me. This can get confusing.
Location: Adelaide
Bike: Farleigh fixed for every day, Berretto sometimes.
Beard: Actually cannot do.
ETC: Pretty much just ride around by myself to where there is beer. Been working from home but I took a few hours at a pub so I enjoy riding to work again… where there is beer. :slight_smile:

Name: Ryan
Location: Melbourne
Bike: Black on Black on Black Fixed Leader 721, Terrible One “Morse Code” Barcode
Beard: None
ETC: Commuting, rolling about, long rides along the beach, nothing serious.

Name: Alex / radalex / lorday
Location: NW SYDNEY
Complete BikeS: Kustum Kumo, Salsa Casseroll, Koga full track pro, Singular Hummingbird, Surly CrossCheck
Not Complete bikes: mclachlan lopro, surly steamroller, 1991 gt zaskar
Beard: yes (I use the term ‘beard’ loosely)
ETC: Nothing much I don’t ride. Uni gets in the way of riding currently.

Name: Gianluca (john-luke-a)
Location: Brisbane
Complete BikeS: Colossi x Gear/Ridley Fenix
Beard: n/a
ETC: I don’t own a car?

Name: Ross, Rossco, Rosscorr
Location: Marrickville (formerly Melbourne, more formerly Canberra).
Bike: fixed - conversion, no-brand, shaped tubes, maybe some kind of columbus. road - also no-brand, shaped tubes, maybe some kind of columbus. both weirdly similar frames by coincidence.
Beard: Yes
ETC: primary riding trips - home to pubs. enjoys metal and walks on the beach.


Name: Peter
Location: Melbourne (Coburg) - formerly Darwin <- Mildura <- Wyndham WA <- Perth
Bike: Nishiki Olympic 12 for everyday, plenty of others on the hooks

ETC: Commuting, gravel grinding, touring, C-grade CX racing.

Name: James
Location: Oakleigh East
Bike: Cannondale Caad8, China fixie, Last Rufus DJ
Beard: None… can’t grow one, probably never will.
ETC: Ride fixed to uni during the week, hills on the roadie on the weekend and ramps after hours on the DJ at the indoor skatepark where I work. Just started dabbling in photography and borderline obsessed with Minecraft.

Name: Chris

i like long walks on the beach…