Introduce yourself...

I’ve seen a few more Adelaidians registering on here and getting around town, so who are you and what do you ride?

I’m JLN. The track bikes I have the black / white / red / blue F(ake) Moser, red with gold sparkle Samson and silver-y grey beat up Malvern Star. I have a silver / red Viner road bike and a grey Shogun town bike with moustache bars.

Now it’s your turn!

Hello, i’m DutchDingo.

Steed: Curly Fornicator (it’s cream[y], of course). It has samurai sword style bars w/ brown wrap; a wonky looking Brooks B17 (that’s the shape of my arse) and black Mavic Open Pros laced to Mr Phil Wood’s finest. It goes fast when I feel like it (generally downhills. Drunk). I usually live at ADL uni, but not this semester. The Fornicator is usually cuffed to the rail outside the Ligertwood building. I wanted to ride fixed since 1992, but only managed to get on it since 2009.

If I don’t know you and I request a skid, please oblige (or at least try - [asphalt face plants optional]) even if I sound like a twat. Skids are rad.

hello, i’m colin.

i have a few bikes, but usually ride an apollo salt (doesn’t have many stock parts left and has been hit by cars twice, and generally looks pretty ghetto), although i’m stuck with the bus and my polo bike at the moment (white GT with black forks and panier) due to a broken collar bone. I also have an avanti corsa, a nice custom made fixie (that i never ride), kona stinky, and an avanti derelikt.
i commute down north east road to newton, and other times can be seen around the city, usually at the duke or the exeter.

The names Tom. I currently ride an all black Volume setup (Cutter frame, Thrasher forks, trickster bars) although I’m working on a second bike (hampered by the fact when it comes to maintainence I wouldn’t even know how to fix a puncture).

You generally wouldn’t see me around alot as I mainly ride to and from work weekdays along Findon Rd.

Cool idea JLN!

I’m John. I ride a burgundy Kennedy track with drops and black chukkers. A red Kennedy moustachioed roadie. A black w/ rainbow sparkle Stratos, sometimes with corima quad and disc, sometimes njs spec but usually not. I’m also often aboard a Blue Rivendell Atlantis which is racked, fendered, bagged and dynamo’d.

You’ll either see me looking lost at Adel Uni or loitering around and annoying Sam and Emily at Treadly. On my super short commute down Payneham Rd from St Peters. Sometimes up and down North East Road to work at Windsor Gardens. I often request skids and generally yell at strangers riding fixed. If you got yelled at riding past the exeter however, it was probably my colleague Dutch Dingo.

I’m looking forward to an NJS ride in ADL soon! Those of you lurking should get to Treadly 2pm on the 30th of this month for the show’n’shine.

LOL wut?

Hi my name is Hugo, I like long romantic walks along the beach, candle light and adventure.

You will see me commuting from Prospect to Adelaide on ether a Fuji Track Pro (tarack), Evolution (tarack), Pursuit (tarack), 1950’s Hillman ( fixed commuter with guards), Cannondale rush (MTB) or my Schwinn Paramount 9 (roadie). You will see me around the hills on saturday morning and on the dirt sunday.

I like nothing better than engaging in commuter cup. If you ask for a skid I will oblige regardless of what bike I’m on.

Hi, my name it Ben and it’s been 3 hrs since my last coffee.
I’m out and about on a Charge Scissor, orange forks, white G6000s with white wall Fyxation rubber.
Normally locked up out the front of Cibo Glenelg, Cibo Henley Beach, Cibo Hutt St or the Wheaty. You get the idea, it’s a coffee bike or coffee flavoured beer bike.
There are may more bikes but most of them are ridden around the 'burbs, the beach, the hills or polo.
The SE Big Ripper 29er BMX gets a run into town pretty often, white and blue - very hard to miss.

My name is Alex. I drive a little red car and occasionally ride a bike. Usually my mum and dad drop me off at training courses.

I can’t skid, enjoy the sounds of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and buying t-shirts online and then complain about the quality of the t-shirts.

Sometimes I go by the name Stabmaster Arson.


i am reporting this to the police

Come on now alexb618, you’ve brought this on yourself.

I kinda wish i lived in Adelaide now. Well played JLN.

i like the f.(ail) moser pic but this would have been better

ps i can skid! but not big elephant trunks. everything else is true.

Hi, I’m Alex but answer to many names, including ‘you fat sweaty bastard’ but do not respond to requests for skids, not that anyone has ever asked AFAIK. Usually I’ll be seen around the city on a blue Super Elliot fixed with OpenPro wheels and some other stuff.

Otherwise I might be riding a red Giant fixed, a blue Teschner geared, a red Ricardo Elite (geared for the moment), a multi-coloured Pursuit, a purple Repco Tri…

Hi, I’m Adrian. You might see me on my Vivalo heading down The Parade on my tiny yet pleasing commute. If you don’t see me there you won’t see me as I’m locked in an office all day drinking coffee. If it’s raining I might be riding a conversion with gawdy coloured wheels and shitty a white paint job.

What colored wheels…?

Purple B43 front, disco blue rear

My name is Fresh. This is what my bike looks like, as taken today…

I don’t remember the Harajuku part of Adelaide…

Umm, my name’s Europa but I also respond to … um … dammit, forgot me name (it happens to us old buggers).

That light green Europa (avatar) is fixed and mudguarded and has been with me since new in the early eighties.
The pride of the fleet is a bottle green Hillbrick - drop bars again, Miche wheels and brakes and stuff.
There’s a blue Jamis that has all these strange cogs on the back and flimsy brake levers that bend sideways when things get too hard or too easy.

I scare squid at polo on a blue track bike that has different bits bolted to it each week … though none of them seem to counteract the incompetence of the rider.

Usually commuting up and down the Expressway but now that the soccer season is over, I hope to be venturing further afield so wave to the fat old git on the fixie - skids will be attempted on spilt oil, ice and wet grass only.