Introducing me & Lucy, need some suggestions to...

Hi, unfortunately I have the bug. I picked up a pre-loved fixie that I was going to convert to a single speed 'cause I was used geared bikes. Only problem is I love it so much that I’m selling my CX, building up my own street ride (fixed of course), cracked the frame on the old Peugeot and am going bankrupt buying tools & parts.

I’m following my roots & in addition to getting a new Italian frame I was lucky enough to inherit Lucy. She’s a gorgeous Cinelli model b circa 58-60. She needs of TLC tho. I’ve already decided to convert to her to FG because the original gearing is gone, got a mixture of cheap shit left. But the Campy cranks and pedals are staying and I got some nice original drop bars & stem.

Basically, I wonder whether to preserve & conserve or strip & re-birth her. Frame is straight, no dings, decals are in good shape, lugs are tarnished, and lots of gutter rash and surface rust. The braze ons will probably go too. Will post some pics soon…

Also, recommendations on paint experts with experience in vintage restoration would also be very much appreciated. This job needs a pro.

What wheels would you chase?

BTW great site & community, Thanks!

In before ‘buy a Cell’ posts.

Don’t be afraid to start restoring something… it’s good fun albeit quite expensive…
please DO NOT remove braze-ons… expecially on something as nice as a Cinelli model B.

The steel track frame market is cheap at the moment so be patient while you collect parts and you will find a very nice frame in whichever state you want.

Put the grinder down!


I really hope he is trolling

restore the Cinelli to its original form, buy a second hand fixay from the webs(not a fuckin cell!!!). if you do intend to build your own, think of how much it is going to cost roughly… then fuckin double it and that will be your ACTUAL spend. no jks… much better to just buy a second hand one.

Selling his cx…
defs trolling.

Thx guys.
Not going to angle grind her, relax.
Any suggestions for temporary hubs before I got my hands on something original ?
A few before shots…(this will be a slow build)

^ Might be the photo, but looks like some front end damage?

That Fork is Toast. steerer tube looks a little suss too.

Yep, has hit something hard. Such a shame.

forks look bent-could be the photos though-the clearance from the front wheel looks passable… Nice frame, I’d leave in it’s vintage glory. at least until you had all the parts sourced then i’d go for the polish/re spray.


Frame and fork is fucked sorry,
It can be repaired but will be big $$$$$$

Frame is good, the steerer is fucked.

Chasing the fork, not too difficult to replace.

Actually greenmachine, bartered my angle grinder for that bike - pretty good deal…

Rust on downtube looks to be on the stress point of the crash. Frame farked.

Looks pretty boned. Wait to see what a framebuilder says…

If it’s gone I would find some period parts & hang it on the wall unrestored.

With the engineers atm, see what happens.

Hang it on wall.

Buy a cell.

At the engineers? Take it to a frame builder
It looks like it has a bulge on the front of the head tube where it is rusty.


trust me i’m an engineer