Is it just me or...

…is Brendan’s new sponsor Medicare?

your sig is correct. he has better hair.

but hell, register to donate your organs anyways! especially if you’re a fifteen year old who has just discovered riding brakeless in the city. your organs are going to be nice and fresh.

Mine are up fro grabs!

Everyone should register… I have a mate who is in need of an eye. A mate who needs a heart who is carrying around a box to keep him alive, and on another note, a little girl in the wife’s year 2 class that needs a bone marrow transplant, without it she won’t see the year out.

i tried to donate my kidney to a mate who was dying… didn’t work :frowning:

Register but tell your family/significant others as well. They have the final say.

I certainly wont need my organs when I’m gone - I hope someone else gets them.

oh man, my edge would be severely compromised taking any of your organs…

oh man, my edge would be severely compromised taking any of your organs…

You can always take the Jehova’s Witnesses route and go without.

Or you could get skin grafts and improve the quality of your tattoos.

I heard that when you die, whatever isn’t on your body doesn’t go through with you into the afterlife.
Like, lose an arm, and you have no arm whilst you’re walking around in heaven, or whatevs.
My heaven will consist of lots of drinking, so i’ll need that liver of mine.

^ Ummm…seeing as your liver deals with poison (eg; alcohol) so you don’t die, it could be argued that this wouldn’t be a requirement if you’re already dead.

My family are under instruction that everything is free to good home, except my eyes. Seems to me that wandering the afterlife with empty sockets might be in questionable taste.

i’m keeping mine. my little contribution to the ongoing health of the species.
also, where the hell did that picture in the medicare ad come from? i haven’t seen that much hair product on one person since the early 90s. Australian govt needs to update their stock images.

I’ve got the same thing… for some reason the concept of having my eyes removed freaks me out, I don’t have a good excuse, I don’t believe in an afterlife and I know someone elses sight is far more important… but for some reason it still irks me.

For the record, when it comes down to it they can take what they want… and I reckon anyone that isn’t an organ donor is super selfish.

I was under the impression that if you ARE an organ donor, you don’t have a say in what they can and can’t take… you’re either all available or you’re not… can anyone confirm this?

They can have my body… but not my bikes.

nah you tick a whole bunch of boxes so you can choose. but as someone said earlier, your family have the final say, despite being registered.

also there are fairly strict rules about who can and can’t donate, so obviously that doesn’t make them selfish. i would love to be a donor if i could.

you need to get out of the inner city bubble a bit more… that hairstyle never went away. good private school kids will keep it alive for decades to come.

Who told you this? A dead man came back just to let you know?

^ The Egyptians were all over this. Unfortunately they didn’t know what the brain did so they took it out.

…and in doing so, created brain eating zombies.